Zack Snyder is Open to Making an Animated Dragon Ball Z Movie

Zack Snyder says he would be interested in directing an animated or live-action Dragon Ball Z movie if the right opportunity presented itself.

Zack Snyder says he would be interested in directing a Dragon Ball Z movie if the right opportunity arose. The director has built much of his career off of comic book adaptations like 300, Watchmen, and DCEU films like Justice League, and he’s starting to venture deeper into the world of animation with a few upcoming projects at Netflix. As anime remakes and adaptations continue to trend, Snyder could undoubtedly be in the running to helm one down the line.

The legacy of westernized anime adaptations isn’t precisely a proud one. Live-action movies based on popular anime series have flunked more often than not, with most of the successful attempts originating, unsurprising, from within Japan. However, Netflix has continued to attempt its adaptations, such as 2017’s Death Note – which featured stars like Lakeith Stanfield and Willem Dafoe – and upcoming adaptations like Cowboy Bebop and One Piece.

Now, it looks like a Snyder-led anime adaptation might also be a possibility. Via ComicBook, Snyder discussed the possibility of helming an anime remake during a recent interview with Tyrone Magnus. The director was asked about Dragon Ball Z specifically, but he responded openly to the idea of anime adaptations in general, remarking that he watches anime frequently with his kids. He says:

“I would consider that. I mean, if it came right. But definitely, I would do an anime remake or live-action. That would be fun because I love animation, and I watch a ton of anime with my kid who’s too young to watch it but we watch anyway (laughs).”

After his complicated falling-out with Warner Bros., Snyder has developed what appears to be a much more positive working relationship with Netflix. His latest feature, Army of the Dead released on the streamer in May to positive reviews, and he’s already in the process of developing several spinoff projects set in the same universe. One of those projects is an anime series. Snyder has already been handed the keys to helm major live-action and animated content for Netflix – a studio that’s proven its dedication to anime adaptations.

It’s unlikely that Netflix would get the rights to adapt or remake Dragon Ball Z, especially after the disaster of 2009’s Dragonball Evolution. But with Netflix seemingly committing to a long-term partnership with Snyder, he could be brought on to helm a different anime adaptation somewhere down the line. Of course, his comic book adaptations haven’t always been greeted with universal adoration from fans of the source material. Given the track record of western anime adaptations, it might be best for Snyder to start with something a bit lower stakes than Dragon Ball Z.

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