Dragon Ball: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

Based on their own personalities and why fans root for them, what does your favorite Dragon Ball character mean?

A multitude of characters joined Goku throughout his journey. Friends and foes met, fought, and even loved the Saiyan, whose charming and nonchalant personality turned every encounter into a memorable experience. What’s so great about the franchise is that each character has a distinct personality. Everyone stands out in their own way, from Gohan to Piccolo.

Of course, passionate fans the world over tend to see themselves in these characters. Perhaps they relate to the Vegeta, the prideful Prince of the Saiyans, or with Chi-Chi, Goku’s loving but overbearing wife. But at the end of the day, a fan’s favorite character can reveal a lot about their personality.

  1. Vegeta: You’re Persistent And Undeterred

Vegeta is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise. A classic villain with a God complex, Vegeta is intensely prideful. He starts as an arrogant and embittered warrior, and while he loses his bitterness throughout the series, his arrogance never disappears.

Vegeta’s intense rivalry with Goku makes him dedicate his life to being the best. He trains and devotes his time to becoming the best version of himself he can be. He doesn’t allow any setbacks to bring him down. Instead, he uses them as fuel to power his intense and unbreakable perseverance.

2. Goku: You’re Naive And Good-Natured

Goku is the heart of the Dragon Ball franchise. Childish, a tad clumsy, kind-hearted, and free-spirited, Goku is one of anime’s most beloved heroes. He hardly ever lets anything get him down and goes through life with an enviable carefree attitude.

Goku’s purity makes him unique. He possesses no negative feelings or thoughts, is highly loyal to his loved ones, and is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. His naivete, while endearing most of the time, can also be quite annoying.

3. Gohan: You’re Unashamed To Change Paths

Gohan’s character journey remains controversial to this day. Once poised to become the franchise’s protagonist, he became a supporting character in the divisive Dragon Ball GT. He traded punches for books and became a scholar like his mother Chi-Chi always wanted.

The popularity of the story aside, Gohan’s arc proves that he always was the most versatile character in the series. While it’s nearly impossible to imagine Goku or Vegeta abandoning the Saiyan lifestyle in favor of a “normal” life, Gohan did it pretty easily. He had no qualms with leaving the heroics behind, showing a type of courage that not even his father possesses.

4. Bulma: You’re Brave And Temperamental

As a teenager, Bulma is vain and self-absorbed. She’s also spoiled but bold and audacious, joining and aiding Goku in many of his adventures. She matures once she becomes a mother, but she remains explosive and prone to fits of anger. She’s also unafraid to stand up for herself, even to God-like figures like Beerus.

Bulma is also intellectually gifted. She’s the inventor of many of the franchise’s technological advancements, cementing her place as one of the most vital members of the Z Fighters.

5. Future Trunks: You’re Cautious And Rational

Because of his difficult upbringing in a post-Apocalyptic world, future Trunks is brooding and serious. He takes a cautious approach to every situation, preferring to scrutinize his options rather than jump into the heat of battle with no plan.

He also shows great respect for his elders, unlike his younger self, who has a blatant disregard for authority. Future Trunks also lacks the pride and arrogance that’s a Saiyan trademark. His approach to fighting is also quite un-Saiyan, further separating him from other members of his race.

6. Krillin: You Know Your Limits

Krillin is a consistent member of the Z Warriors and one of the strongest humans on Earth. He can hold his own in battle and can easily defeat most human opponents. His strength pales in comparison to that of the Saiyans, though, and he knows it.

Krillin participates in most fights and gives it his all. Still, he never tries to fight outside his league. He understands the dangers he and the other Z Warriors face and knows that his help is valuable but limited.

7. Piccolo: You’re Stern But Reliable

Piccolo is one of the most complex characters in the franchise. He goes through a considerable evolution during his time with the Z Warriors, eventually growing to care dearly for them. His relationship with Gohan is particularly close, and the anime strongly hints that Gohan sees him as a father figure.

Piccolo isn’t one to show his emotions. In fact, his stern and stoic personality is one of the things that others value the most. They rely on Piccolo’s level-headedness to keep things from getting out of hand.

8. Trunks & Goten: You’re Mischievous And Laid-Back

As children, both Goten and Trunks are very pampered. Growing up with loving and doting mothers, they are two fun-loving and adventurous younglings with a fondness for mischief. Trunks is more reckless and spoiled, but Goten has no problem going along with any of his purple-haired friend’s crazy plans.

Despite their lack of concern for rules or consequences, Trunks and Goten are courageous and honorable. Unlike Goku and Vegeta’s adversarial relationship, Trunks and Goten are best friends and do everything together.

9. Android 18: You Try Not To Show How Much You Care

When she first debuts in the Cell saga, no one could imagine Android 18 would become such a vital part of the Z Warrior family. 18 also has a biting and sarcastic sense of humor, expressed only through the use of a few well-chosen words.

Through her marriage with Krillin, 18 learns to care more deeply for those around her, even if she tries her best never to show it. Android 18 likes to act in a confident and aloof manner, but she shows her love for her husband and daughter many times during the Majin Buu saga.

10. Chi-Chi: You’re Loving And Passionate

Chi-Chi might not have any superpower, but she can be as fearsome as any Saiyan. Goku’s wife is intense, controlling, and perhaps overbearing. However, she’s also passionate, committed, and well-meaning. In the end, her fiery personality is just a sign of how much he cares.

She loves her family more than anything and tries her best to steer them on the right path. Granted, it’s the path that she deems best, but her heart is always in the right place.

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