Dragon Ball: Every Relationship & How Long It Lasted

Romance isn’t a central focus in the world of Dragon Ball, but what are the franchise’s biggest relationships, and how long have they lasted?

The Dragon Ball franchise isn’t known for its romantic sensibilities, on the contrary. It follows the journey of Son Goku as he defends the planet from increasingly dangerous alien threats. With a dominant focus on action and adventure, Dragon Ball definitely puts romance on the back burner.

Even so, and throughout the course of Dragon Ball’s 153 episodes and Dragon Ball Z’s 291, love and its intricacies did manage to steal away some of the spotlights. Some affairs were odd and ended as quickly as they began, luckily. But numerous characters in the anime are in committed, stable relationships, proving how even in such a violent world, love is always in the air.

  1. Gohan & Videl

Videl might be a divisive character, but she’s instantly memorable. Relentless and resourceful, she’s feisty and stubborn and immediately overwhelms the quiet and shy Gohan with her personality. Their story is a classic tale of opposites attract.

What’s more meaningful is that Videl fell in love with Gohan, the humble and bashful young man, and not Gohan, the Super Saiyan warrior. So even after Gohan traded punches for books, Videl stayed with him. Their relationship became even stronger with the arrival of their daughter, Pan.

2. Vegeta & Bulma

Over the course of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta goes from cruel and prideful Saiyan Prince to brave but still prideful protector of the Earth. And next to him is Bulma, a strong and determined woman who’s just as stubborn as he is and who eventually becomes his wife and mother to their children.

Vegeta and Bulma might not have been the most obvious couple, but they ended up being the most consistent. Even with all their flaws, their love for each other becomes apparent on numerous occasions. Bulma and his children do a lot to help Vegeta earn his redemption, and the Saiyan Prince delivers on his promise, even if he never lets go of his rivalry with Goku.

3. Krillin & Android 18

In the pantheon of strange couples that somehow work, Krillin and Android 18 remain undefeated. She is a dead-serious, rugged introvert, and he’s a laid-back, generous goofball. Their relationship works because they accept and love each other for who they are.

The pairing does come as a surprise at first because their courtship remains unseen by the audience. Indeed, when fans meet them as a couple, they already have a child, and Goku’s baffled reaction mirrors the audience’s. However, and despite their apparent disparity, Krillin and Android 18 remain one of the sweetest couples in the franchise.

4. Dr. Brief & Panchy

Dr. Brief and Panchy are Bulma’s parents. They’re a laid-back, loving couple who support her daughter and son-in-law in every single project. They usually have no fear for any of the numerous threats that endanger their world, instead choosing to remain calm and accept the things they cannot change.

Despite being recurring characters for much of the anime,  they remain aloof and mysterious. Still, they seem to be entirely devoted, not only to each other but also to their various pets.

5. Goku & Chi-Chi

Goku and Chi-Chi find each other as kids and eventually marry as grown-ups. The relationship is loving but quite complicated. She is too overbearing, and he’s too carefree. The result is a mismatched arrangement that seems to work because of a shared sense of fantasy.

Goku didn’t even understand what he was getting into when he agreed to marry Chi-Chi. He constantly thinks of only himself and his planet-saving duties and leaves her for extended periods of time. They are not a bad couple per se, but they just seem to be together out of habit instead of real love.

6. Yamcha & Bulma

At the beginning of Dragon Ball, Bulma wanted to find the Dragon Balls and wish for the perfect boyfriend. Yamcha wanted to wish for more confidence around women to find a proper girlfriend. It isn’t long before they find each other and begin a long-term relationship.

Fans spent most of Dragon Ball becoming invested in Yamcha and Bulma’s romance. However, Dragon Ball Z destroys it swiftly with the reveal that Yamcha cheated, and thus their relationship ended badly. Bulma moves on to Vegeta, and Yamcha remains a bachelor. Still, fans will always have memories of this doomed but meaningful romance.

7. Tarble & Gure

Fans don’t really know a lot about this unconventional pairing. Tarble is Vegeta’s estranged younger brother. His wife, Gure, is a peculiar-looking alien, making this a rather odd pairing.

Gure might be an unconventional love interest, but she’s also sweet, polite, and gentle. She’s a happy person who enjoys her life and her marriage.

8. Tien & Launch

Tien and Launch’s romance seemingly came out of nowhere. These two characters, who played prominent roles during Dragon Ball, began a brief fling that ended when Launch simply left Tien’s house, and the show itself, never to return.

The relationship was always on borrowed time, though. Tien, like Krillin, took his duties as a Z Warrior too seriously to let anything else distract him. Launch’s dual personality was also a complication because while her brunette persona was all sweetness, her blonde side was a dangerous criminal who only cared for money.

9. Krillin & Maron

The affair between Krillin and Maron was as awkward as it was short-lived. The couple made no sense whatsoever, and everyone knew it. Maron was obviously attractive but rather superficial. Krillin is a nice guy with a complicated lifestyle. The two had differing priorities and never met each other halfway.

When Krillin breaks up with her, she hardly complains. And even though she has a change of heart and tries to win him back, his heart already belongs to someone else.

10. Trunks & Mai

Future Trunks and Mai clearly care for each other. They fight together and support each other through thick and thin. All in all, they seem to have a stable relationship built on trust and shared experience. Still, they are perhaps the most controversial pairing in the franchise.

Mai is basically a grown adult, and that makes the relationship too weird. In Dragon Ball, Mai was already a grown woman, but a wish-gone-wrong turned her back into a child. There is a lot wrong with this relationship, so no matter how great they are together, it will always be unsettling.

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