Every Character Who Can Join The Z-Warriors in Dragon Ball’s Future

After being a villain, Android 17 reformed and became a hero in Dragon Ball Super. Which characters will be the next to join the Z-Warriors?

Numerous established characters in the Dragon Ball anime could become Z-Warriors during future installments. Goku’s circle of allies is always growing, so as long as stories in the Dragon Ball universe continue to be told, it’s likely that more Z-Warriors will be added.

Among the core group that persisted through most of Dragon Ball Z were Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. The lineup evolved a bit toward the end of the series, with the addition of characters like Kid Trunks and Goten, and the loss of relevancy for some of the weaker heroes.


Gohan’s daughter was one of Dragon Ball GT’s central characters. The series has been retconned out of continuity, but since she does exist in Dragon Ball’s world, she could become an ally at some point down the road. The fact that the infant Pan already learned how to fly in Dragon Ball Super suggests that this version is sure to become supremely powerful later on. If a future anime features a large time jump, she could be old enough to lend a hand in a way that’s not unlike how Kid Trunks and Goten have been used.


The popularity of Dragon Ball’s first female Super Saiyan could lead to her joining the Z-Warriors the next time she appears. She still has a long way to go before she can get even close to Goku’s level, but she does have enough power to be of help. When Dragon Ball Super ended, she had her sights set on a new goal: Super Saiyan 3. It could be that she’ll have already reached it when she makes a reappearance. If she eventually discovers that fighting with (and against) the Z-Warriors is good for her development as a fighter, she could decide to move to Universe 7.


If Caulifla relocates to Universe 7, Kale is sure to be close behind. As a person devoted to her best friend, Kale will want to tag along on any adventure that Caulifla embarks on. And being Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan, Kale’s power is guaranteed to be an asset in battle. Her fits of rage made her a bit of a wild card through a significant portion of the Tournament of Power, but she fortunately figured out how to control her power. Now, Caulifla and Kale can be a highly competent Super Saiyan duo going forward.


Caulifla and Kale aren’t the only Universe 6 characters who stand a chance at being Z-Warriors. There’s also Cabba, the young Saiyan who idolizes Vegeta. Thanks to his guidance, Cabba has proven himself capable of accessing Super Saiyan 2. If he seeks to better himself as a warrior, he could come to Universe 7 to become Vegeta’s protégé. Of course, Cabba’s loyalty is to his home planet in Universe 6, but he could always make repeated visits to Earth. If he’s in Vegeta’s company when the next threat strikes, he could end up playing a role in the story.


In the final episode Dragon Ball Z, Goku met Uub (the reincarnation of Majin Buu) 10 years after Kid Buu’s defeat. Since Dragon Ball Super takes place long before that, Goku and the Z-Warriors currently have no relationship with him. However, a conversation between Goku and Dende confirmed his existence. Plus, he had a fun cameo in the manga continuation. He’s been discussed as a character who could be trained by Goku one day, and that does seem like something that a new installment could explore. He possesses a tremendous of power, so with the right person teaching him, Uub could become a great force for good.


Broly is traditionally regarded as a villain, but Dragon Ball Super: Broly set up a potential heroic turn for the character. In the non-canon movies, the infamous Legendary Super Saiyan has a reputation as a mindless killing machine with a deep hatred for Goku. When he was brought into the anime’s canon in the new movie, he was reimagined as a much more sympathetic figure. This Broly actually has a rather gentle and innocent nature to him when he’s not in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. The movie’s ending, which gave him a new planet to call home, left the door open for a return.

Since Broly isn’t evil, there’s a chance he could fight on the Z-Warriors’ side one day. Being stronger than both Goku and Vegeta would certainly make him someone they should keep on their radar. While Broly’s tendency to go berserk would naturally make recruiting him feel like it should be a last resort, there may come a time when having him around will be well worth the risk.


Dragon Ball Super: Broly proved that non-canon characters are indeed on the table for the anime series, so it seems likely that the same could be said for Tapion. If some version of his story is adapted to Dragon Ball Super, he could form a friendship with Kid Trunks and play a part in the Z-Warriors’ adventures in Dragon Ball’s future. Also, he can finally provide an official explanation for Future Trunks’ sword. When he gave his weapon to Kid Trunks, it was hinted that the weapon is the same one that the Saiyan’s future counterpart carries.


The character who so easily trounced Frieza, Cell, and the Ginyu Force one after another is a favorite among a large number of fans. Pikkon gave Super Saiyan Goku a tough fight in the Other World Tournament, helped hold off Kid Buu, and provided some much-needed assistance in Goku and Vegeta’s battle with Janemba in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. The problem, though, is that every role he’s had was either filler material or not in Dragon Ball canon. The anime sadly seems to have forgotten Pikkon, but he could always be revisited later. One way for this to work would be if Goku remembers his old acquaintance and wishes him back to life with the Dragon Balls. If he, like Goku, continued to train and get stronger, he could still be a force to be reckoned with.

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