Dragon Ball Z: The 10 Best Future Trunks Episodes

Initially the mysterious youth, Future Trunks quickly became a fan favorite character for Dragon Ball fans. Here are his best episodes.

Initially the mysterious youth, Future Trunks quickly became a fan favorite character for Dragon Ball fans. The son of Vegeta and Bulma threw a spanner in the works when he came back in time, preventing Goku’s death and the fall of the Z fighters at the hand of the androids. It was thanks to Trunks that the dark future that he came from did not come to pass in the main series timeline. Following his last appearance in the Cell saga, where he finally brought peace to his timeline, the character later returned in the sequel series, Dragon Ball Super.

  1. Another Super Saiyan?

The mysterious youth, Trunks stands before Frieza and King Cold, quickly taking out his soldiers. Trunks taunts Frieza before turning into a Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, the Z fighters sense the battle going on and Vegeta determines it cannot be Goku as this person is too strong.

On the battlefield, a traumatized Frieza fails to deal any damage to Trunks and resorts to attacking him with a death ball, just like he used on Namek. Trunks catches the supernova and Frieza blows it up, believing he has killed the Saiyan. Out of nowhere, Trunks shoots a burning attack and slices Frieza with his sword.

2. Nightmare Comes True

As Goku continues to battle the heart virus, a frustrated Vegeta and Trunks search the mountains for Dr. Gero’s laboratory. Whilst the remaining Z fighters assist in the search, Krillin has an encounter with Gero, allowing him to track the Dr. back to his lab.

The group arrives at the laboratory, but Trunks insists they wait for Goku to recover before attempting an attack on the Androids. Vegeta ignores this advice and blasts the lab doors open, revealing that the deadly Androids 17 and 18 have indeed been activated.

3. Mystery Revealed

Goku emerges out of the space pod and reunites with the group, who explains that the mysterious stranger destroyed both Frieza and his father. Trunks asks Goku if he can speak with him privately and the two move away from the group.

Trunks reveals to Goku that he is the son of Bulma and Vegeta from a future timeline. In his timeline, two Androids created by Red Ribbon Army Scientist Dr. Gero, have all but destroyed the Earth as well as the Z fighters. Trunks also reveals that Goku will soon contract a heart virus and die but provides Goku with an antidote to prevent that from happening.

4. No Match For The Androids

Future Trunks launches at Android 18 sword in hand, not unlike his attack on her in the History of Trunks. In this timeline, however, Android 18 appears to be much stronger and chips a portion off Trunk’s sword. Android 17 joins the fight and makes quick work of Trunks, causing him to lose consciousness.

When he wakes up, Trunks launches at Android 18, who has Vegeta in a foothold. 18 throws Vegeta at Trunks and the duo are knocked out for a moment. The Androids question who in fact Trunks is, as their database contains no files on the time traveler’s identity.

5. Welcome Back Goku

Trunks slices through Frieza like he’s paper, chops him into pieces, and blasts the emperor into oblivion. Having taken care of the first threat and taken out his father’s greatest enemy, Trunks turns his attention to King Cold. Initially, Cold offers Trunks his son’s position in the Freiza force but Trunks declines and after King Cold attempts to kill Trunks with his own sword, the Saiyan destroys him too.

Trunks then informs the Z fighters that he is going to a spot nearby to meet with Goku and they are welcome to come along. The group remains confused and speculate as to who this young man is as they wait for Goku to return.

6. Free The Future

With peace restored to the main timeline, Trunks arrives back home to end the Android threat once and for all. Through his battles alongside the Z fighters, Trunks strength had grown immeasurably, placing him far above the Androids. It’s not before long that he takes out 18 and then 17 with absolute ease, finally freeing his future from their destruction.

Things don’t end there though, as Cell lurks in the shadows, waiting to steal the time machine. Imperfect Cell is no match for the Saiyan, and he destroys the villain, preventing his own demise. This episode was the last we saw of Trunks till Dragon Ball Super.

7. Super Vegeta

As Vegeta races from the Time Chamber to the battlefield, Trunks follows closely behind him. Vegeta appears before Cell and tells him he has come there to destroy him. When Trunks lands, Cell hardly recognizes him and Vegeta explains that Trunks is also a true Super Saiyan and almost as strong as him.

Trunks, Android 16, and Android 18 watch from afar as Vegeta powers up into his Super Saiyan second grade form, with everyone except Trunks amazed at this power increase. As Vegeta finishes his transformation, he quickly catches Cell off guard with an almighty gut punch.

8. Bow To The Prince

This episode focuses on Super Vegeta as he throws a massive beatdown onto Cell. Early on in the episode, as Trunks watches the battle unfold, the audience is treated to a flashback of Trunk’s time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

The flashback shows the difficulties Trunks faced during his training and how intense the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was, only to realize that Vegeta had been projecting the heat, the cold, and the other environmental changes within the chamber. Due to Vegeta’s quest for attaining a level beyond a Super Saiyan alone, Trunks was forced to train in solitude.

9. Follow Dr. Gero

In an effort to escape, Android 20 blasts Bulma’s ship causing a distraction. Trunks quickly jumps to the rescue of Bulma and the infant version of himself, furious at Vegeta for not intervening. Vegeta explains that he has more important things to worry about, leaving Trunks disgusted at his father.

Bulma soon explains that Android 20 is in fact Dr. Gero and she recalls him having a laboratory in a cave to the north. Vegeta takes off for the lab and Trunks follows closely behind him, leading to him having a flashback. In the flashback, Bulma explains that Vegeta was a proud but distant person, never expressing to Bulma that he loved her.

10. More Androids?!

As the Z fighters frantically search for Android 20 within the rocky range, Piccolo is caught off guard and has his energy drained. Luckily, Gohan intervenes and saves Piccolo in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Trunks returns from the future and finds the head of Android 19, learning that time has altered.

Hearing the battle raging on, Trunks arrives, and Piccolo says his name aloud, causing Vegeta to realize it is in fact his son from the future. Trunks explains to the others that he has never seen these androids before as they’re not the ones from his timeline.

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