Dragon Ball Super: Saiyans’ Barbaric Past Will Come Back To Bite Them

Granolah is the newest enemy in the Dragon Ball Super manga. He’s out for revenge against the surviving Saiyans for destroying his home world.

Warning : Spoilers Alert!

Dragon Ball Super has continued the storyline of the “Saiyan from Earth” Goku, and his quest to become the strongest in the cosmos. The Saiyans were a brutal race bent on fighting tougher and tougher opponents to test their mettle and take over a few planets in the meantime. Before being wiped out by Frieza, the Saiyans were a loyal asset to Frieza’s conquering reign and killed off planet-loads of beings. It’s a shock that so few survivors of this colonizing haven’t sworn revenge on the remaining Saiyans for this generational violence, but that is about to change. 

While Goku has little to do with his warrior ancestors, having been raised on Earth, his race laid waste to countless planets at Frieza’s direction. Granolah is an alien who managed to survive one of these conquests, which left him with a grudge against Frieza and the Saiyans. While Granolah has his sights set on the revived Frieza, it’s doubtless that the Saiyans will come into his crosshairs. 

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super opens with a flashback of Granolah’s home planet being destroyed by Saiyans in their giant ape form. The great apes murder his planet’s people and smash apart cities at Frieza’s instruction. Vegeta and Goku both lost their tails, meaning they can no longer turn into apes and are indistinguishable from humans in appearance. But their relentless quest to become stronger will make them stand out. Granolah is unlikely to see past Goku’s altruistic nature and forgive him for his ancestors’ genocidal streak.

Goku doesn’t have the same bloodlust of his race and has usually tried to convert his enemies into friends or redeem them from their violent ways. For a guy who wants to spar with every tough guy he meets, Goku has a tender sensibility and doesn’t want to see innocents hurt. Vegeta, the other remaining full-blooded Saiyan, doesn’t mind killing when he needs to. Though he has turned over a new leaf and became a family man calling Earth his home, Vegeta still has a killer’s instinct.

Vegeta’s earlier career as a member of Frieza’s army means he has racked up a lot of enemies. Vegeta conquered many planets and wiped out entire races before he was defeated by Goku and turned “good.” That Granolah is the first to seek vengeance is a surprise. Despite Frieza destroying the Saiyan homeworld and most of the Saiyans along with it, the universe seems to have forgotten about the warrior race of human-like fighters with the ability to turn into massive apes if their tails are intact. 

If the Saiyans hadn’t been wiped out they could have dominated the galaxy, as long as they didn’t cannibalize their own race. Granolah’s impulse to get vengeance on the Saiyans would probably be applauded by much of the galaxy that had their civilizations demolished. This is probably why no other revenging group of aliens has come calling for the Saiyans up to this point in Dragon Ball Super.

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