Dragon Ball Z Characters, Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

If the characters of Dragon Ball Z were to be transported into the Hunger Games, how would each fare? Here are the ones who would be likely to win.

During Dragon Ball Z’s last arc, and because of the prolonged period of peace that reigned on Earth, many characters, like Krillin and Gohan, stopped training and settled into a more tranquil life. Others, like Vegeta, took the time to push themselves to the very limit, becoming even stronger. They all meet for yet another edition of the Martial Arts Tournament, which bears a lot of similarities to the Hunger Games. True, most of the Tournament’s participants don’t really die, but a lot of them are severely injured or maimed.

Should the characters from Dragon Ball Z be somehow transported to Panem and put into the Games arena, one has to wonder who’d come out on top. The Z Warriors are some of the strongest beings in the universe, after all. Their fight is sure to be the most exciting Games the Capitol’s ever seen.

  1. Mr. Satan

The supposed champion of Earth, Mr. Satan is nothing but a pretender. He’s not even the strongest of humans, and while he does have some level of strength, it’s absolutely dwarfed not only by the Z Warriors but by a lot of the competitors of the Tournament.

Satan would be the first one to go. He might not even be actually killed by any of the other Z Warriors, and instead fall victim to one of the many traps in the arena. And unlike in the anime, where he is shown to have some incredible luck, the Gamemakers would make sure he didn’t survive.

2. Goku

As the ultimate hero of the anime of course Goku will win the Hunger Games. He isn’t only the strongest warrior, but the one who always believes and keeps going, even when everything else seems lost. Goku makes a good showing throughout the entire competition, enchanting audiences and sponsors alike.

In the end, it comes down to him and Kid Buu. Recognizing he can’t win without some help, Goku speaks to the audience and asks them to raise their hands and give him their energy. Excited, they comply, and the Spirit Bomb he creates is so strong, it not only kills Buu, but also destroys the entire arena in the process. And so the Games come to an end, and only Goku is left standing, ready to eat the banquet the Capitol has surely prepared for him.

3. Videl

Satan’s daughter, Videl is considerably more powerful than him. She’s actually, as far as humans go, one of the strongest, if not the strongest outside of the Z Warriors. She also learns how to use her ki, and even how to fly, although she can’t do it for as long as the others can.

Videl would probably win if the Games were of only humans. In competition with the other Z Warriors though, she wouldn’t stand a chance. Her power level is nowhere near any of the others. Stubborn and resilient, Videl would work hard and keep trying, but despite her best efforts, she’d fall sooner rather than later.

4. Kid Buu

There might be some confusion as to who is the strongest version of Majin Buu. The pink, genie-like magical entity has many iterations during his arc in Dragon Ball. And while his Evil Buu form seems to be his strongest non-fusion form, Kid Buu is the most dangerous, and the one who most likely enters the Games.

Kid Buu is chaos personified. A being of pure bloodlust and violence, he lives for the fight and stops at nothing, because he knows or desires nothing else. Kid Buu gives a showdown for the ages, and is almost certain to win. His final opponent, though, always finds a way to recover, something that eventually brings Buu’s end.

5. Krillin

The strongest human among the Z Warriors, Krillin has been a constant companion of Goku since they were both children. He has plenty of experience in fierce battles, so the Games’ violence would not surprise him. Tough and capable, Krillin would surprise many with his abilities. Audiences find him charming, and sponsors even send him one or two gifts.

Still, he’s in the big leagues, and going against such ridiculously powerful beings means he’s a very small fish in a gigantic tank. He eventually falls, the last human to do so, leaving the arena with only the most exemplar of warriors.

6. Vegeta

With a far bigger taste for blood than most other competitors, Vegeta is in his element while in the arena. He enjoys the Games, and excels at them, reminding the Capitol of the career tributes they so enjoy watching. While Vegeta appreciates the admiration, he doesn’t enjoy the constant attention, especially coming from people like the ones in the Capitol, who he would clearly consider clowns.

Vegeta, pride incarnate and a raging killing machine, make it to the final leg of the competition and he doesn’t even break a sweat. But what ultimately brings his demise is his blind desire to kill Goku himself. In a way, the Prince of the Saiyans provokes his own untimely fate, depriving the competition of one of its fiercest warriors.

7. Piccolo

Wise, the patient, brooding, and surprisingly caring, Piccolo knows there’s no way he can win the Games. He’s certain of it, actually, but still does his best in the competition. He spends most of his time advising Gohan, studying the layout of the arena, and discovering weak spots in it.

Piccolo perhaps sacrifices himself to ensure Gohan’s future in the competition, à la Mags in Catching Fire. His absence hits Gohan hard, but he knows he must keep going. A surprising hero in the later episodes of the anime, Piccolo continues this trend in the Games, earning the audience’s admiration.

8. Gotenks

On their own, Goten and Trunks are powerful enough to cause a lot of problems for the remaining Z Warriors. But fused together, they become an actual, latent, and potentially deadly threat. With a surprising collection of tricks hidden under their black vest, and a playful, devilish personality, Gotenks quickly become a fan favorite.

However, Gotenks are still just children, which means they are overconfident and prideful. Their lack of seriousness and proclivity to take everything as a joke are their ultimate weakness, and the things that eventually make them lose the competition.

9. Android 18

Android 18 is cool, confident and very strong. She can put up a good fight and hold her own, at least for some time. Her sarcastic, somewhat off-putting personality means sponsors will pretty much stay away from her for the duration of the competition, not that she wants or needs their help, though.

In the end, tired from fighting both Goten and Trunks simultaneously, she eventually falls when Vegeta finishes her off. And with Krillin already gone, she accepts her fate, knowing their daughter, Marron, will be strong enough to make it on her own.

10. Gohan

Dragon Ball Z sets the stage for Gohan to become the most powerful of all the Z Warriors. His path gets derailed after the fight with Majin Buu, though, as he trades punches for books, preferring to be a scholar than a warrior. As one of the most sensitive of all the characters, Gohan condemns the Games but still makes his best effort, realizing the only way to stop them is by winning first.

His charming, clumsy, and unassuming personality quickly earns him the audience’s love. Sponsors shower him with gifts, and he even uses some of them. In his Ultimate form, Gohan is extremely powerful and doesn’t even need to go Super Saiyan. However, and just like in the anime, Gohan becomes overconfident. Instead of going for the kill, his pride keeps him toying with his enemy. And considering who his foe is, he probably should have ended things quickly.

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