Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Caulifla

In the vast mythos of Dragon Ball, Caulifla is a Saiyan who leads not only a gang of Saiyan criminals but is also a member of Team Universe 6.

In the vast mythos of Dragon Ball, Caulifla is a Saiyan who leads not only a gang of Saiyan criminals but is also a member of Team Universe 6, a collective of the strongest warriors hailing from Universe 6. She’s introduced as a brash fighter in Dragon Ball Super, who joins the Team only when she realizes she possesses the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan with even further stages of power.

As the series progresses, she’s shown to be competing at Zero’s Tournament of Power and Cabba and Goku serves as her mentors later on.

  1. Her Signature Technique’s Similarities With Kamehameha

One of Caulifla’s signature moves is her energy bursts. This involves her firing streams of red ki waves at her opponents. In a few ways, her bursts of energy are similar to some forms of the classic Kamehameha move.

For instance, when Caulifla’s fingers are pointed outwards, her move resembles that of the Atomic Kamehameha by Gogeta. Similarly, when Kale and Caulifla combine their green and red energy blasts, the ‘Gigantic Blast’ that ensues is comparable to the Final Kamehameha (a combination of Goku’s Kamehameha and Vegeta’s Final Flash).

2. Was Created To Assist Kale

An interview on Dragon Ball Super’s website revealed that the creators of the anime series didn’t have any initial plans to feature either Kale or Caulifla. Director Ryota Nakamura added that Caulifla was created as the team was looking to add a Broly-like character to their roster.

Manga artist and character designer Akira Toriyama had also created Kale, heralding the rise of female Saiyans in the universe. He designed Caulifla soon after to assist Kale, forming a duo in the same vein as Goku and Vegeta. In fact, Kale and Caulifla’s friendship is explored in greater detail for the same reason, as compared to the manga series.

3. Video Game Debut In Dokkan Battle

Be it direct or indirect references, Caulifla appears in nearly six Dragon Ball video games. Her debut was in the 2015 mobile game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, in which she appears in her Super Saiyan 2 form.

In Dokkan Battle, one also can get a glimpse of her signature energy blasts although the waves of orange appear as orange (as compared to red in the series). Another major Super Saiyan 2 appearance is in the 2010 arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

4. The Kefla Fusion Lasts For Only An Hour

As mentioned before, Kefla is the combined state that forms when Kale and Caulifla combine with each other. The fusion state however can last only for an hour.

Furthermore, if Kefla resorts to any transformative stage in the battle, the 60-minute time limit is reduced even more. Despite the time constraint, Kefla is pretty strong. As revealed in Dragon Ball Super’s 114th episode, the Kefla state reflects ten times more power than Kale and Caulifla’s abilities.

5. Similarities With Broly And Paragus

When Broly takes the Legendary Saiyan form, his hair seems to resemble that of Caulifla (both in her base form and Super Saiyan form).

Caulifla also bears similarities with Paragus, because of their relationship with Kale and Broly respectively. Broly is as dependent on Paragus as Kale is on Caulifla. Both Broly and Kale would lose their sanity and control in the Legendary Saiyan form if it weren’t for Paragus and Caulifla.

6. Doesn’t Share The Same Friendship With Kale In The Manga

In the anime series, Caulifla and Kale interact on many occasions, usually fighting opponents together. Kale is like a sister-figure, protege, and best friend to Caulifla.

However, their relationship seems to be a little less personal in the manga. In fact, Kale is recruited in Caulifla’s gang only by her mentor Cabba who finds great potential in Kale. Caulifla also tells Kale to treat the Tournament of Power as a vacation, showing her underconfidence in Kale’s powers.

7. Caulifla’s English Voice Actor Has Also Dubbed For Other Animes

For the Funimation English dub of the series, Elizabeth Maxwell provided the voice for Caulifla. Maxwell is reputed as the voice actress behind many other anime dubs, lending her voice to Ymir/Freckles in Attack on Titan, Urbosa/Riju in Legend of Zelda, Midnight in My Hero Academia, and Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie. As for her non-animation roles, she also guest-starred as Sekara in an episode for Star Trek Continues.

8. Her Japanese Name And Origin

Caulifla’s name reads as Karifura in Japanese. Like many other full-blood Saiyans, she’s also named after a vegetable; cauliflower in this case. This makes sense as Kale is also named after the vegetable of the same name. Both cauliflower and kale belong to the same plant group.

In fact, Saiyan is derived from the Japanese word Saiya-jin which is nothing but an anagram of the words yasai (vegetable) and jin (person).

9. Potara Earrings

Caulifla’s weapons include the Potara earrings, accessories worn by the Supreme Kais as well as their apprentices. They might look pretty casual but they carry great power, allowing two wearers to fuse together. Additionally, they also allow the wearer to use the Time Rings.

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, both Kale and Caulifla receive a set of Potarra earrings after arriving on Champa’s planet. The earrings come to use in a duel with Goku at Zero’s Tournament. Kefla is the term used for Caulifla and Kale’s fusion that ensues.

10. First Female Saiyan To Become A Super Saiyan

In the history of Dragon Ball, Caulifla is the first female Saiyan not only to become a Super Saiyan but also a Super Saiyan 2. Similarly, she’s also the first to achieve Super Saiyan Third Grade and the first Saiyan in Universe 6 to achieve this form. If that wasn’t enough, Caulifla is also Universe 6’s first Saiyan to achieve the Super Saiyan 2 state.

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