Dragon Ball Super: Everything We Know About The Latest Villain, Granolah

Dragon Ball Super has introduced a new villain in the mysterious Granolah. Here’s what we know about the character and his intentions so far.

Here’s what we know about Granolah, Dragon Ball Super’s new villain. Dragon Ball Super recently wrapped up its Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga, with Goku defeating Moro via the borrowed God energy of Uub. As Dragon Ball fans have come to expect, the arc ends happily, and the Dragon Balls quickly fix the mess Moro left behind. The Grand Kai returns to being Majin Buu, New Namek is restored as good as new, and Goku grabs an alien’s genitals. While the anime series remains on hiatus, Dragon Ball Super’s story has moved straight from Moro to its next antagonist – a mysterious warrior called Granolah.

The Z-Fighters’ celebrations are even more short-lived than usual, as one of Moro’s goons (now safely back in Galactic Patrol custody) reveals the true nature of Seven-Three. One of Moro’s most powerful henchmen, Seven-Three was an android who could steal the powers of an opponent, causing trouble for the likes of Piccolo and Gohan. The prisoner tells Jaco that Seven-Three is almost impossible to kill, and the destroyed android is then shown gradually reassembling in the crater left behind by Moro’s defeat. Seven-Three’s remains are secretly retrieved by its original creators, but then another new figure emerges.

Seven-Three was apparently created by Master Goichi’s space gang. They now plan to use the recovered android and his clones to dominate the universe (of course), but Goichi’s men are soon beset by a powerful invader – Granolah. Part of a military-style operation, Granolah works with an unseen, in-ear intelligence officer called Oatmeel. Dragon Ball Super’s Breakfast Club doesn’t look to be affiliated with the Galactic Patrol but is similarly organized and armed, with Granolah wielding a firearm when he boards Goichi’s ship. Far from relying solely on weapons, Granolah also fires powerful ki blasts to effortlessly take down the Seven-Three clones. The ease with which Granolah operates confirms his immense strength (multiple strong Z-Fighters struggled against Seven-Three), but targeting the androids’ forehead crystals also demonstrates advanced knowledge of Seven Three’s glaring weakness.

The first question is whether Granolah is actually a villain at all. On one hand, the newcomer attacks Goichi before he can begin his plan for world domination, taking out a confirmed villain before Goku even needs to get involved. Granolah also fights well, talks respectfully with his allies, and has somewhat of a classic anime hero design. With that said, the look on Granolah’s face when finding Seven-Three is darkly ominous, with the kind of smirk only a baddie could muster. Dragon Ball sagas are usually named after the arc’s main villain, which again suggests Granolah will be an enemy. He also wears an eye-patch, ticking a major “villain bingo” box.

The key to understanding Granolah is figuring out why he’s hunting down the remains of Seven-Three. If Granolah’s team simply wanted to destroy the android and finish off what the Galactic Patrol started, he could’ve blown up the ship without boarding. Instead, Granolah clearly wants Seven-Three for his own purposes, and this could be linked to the battle data Moro’s gang loaded into the android’s empty shell during their reign of terror.

Compared to previous villains, Granolah’s character design is strangely human. From the official color poster, Granolah could potentially be an Earthling with a futuristic eye-patch and weird dress sense. Since Dragon Ball aliens tend to look alien, Granolah could be a time-traveler from Earth’s future – a timeline where Goichi caused problems throughout the galaxy and became notorious, which would explain how Granolah knows about Seven-Three’s immense potential and fatal weakness. This could also be why Dragon Ball Super’s new arc is titled the “Granolah the Survivor saga.” The oat-based newcomer may be the bitter last survivor of a dark future timeline. This storyline would bear a strong similarity to the Future Trunks saga, but Dragon Ball Super’s Moro storyline borrowed liberally from the franchise’s past, and Granolah could continue that theme.

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