Dragon Ball: Why Goku Picking Frieza For His Universe 7 Team Was A Bad Idea

The Z-Warriors were right about Frieza. Despite their victory, Goku picking him for his Tournament of Power team really was a bad idea. Here’s why.

Despite their victory, Goku picking Frieza for his Universe 7 team in Dragon Ball Super really was a bad idea. There was no doubt that Goku made a questionable choice when he chose to recruit Frieza to fill out their team for the Tournament of Power. But at the end of the tournament, Frieza helped Goku eliminate Universe 11’s Jiren so that Android 17 could be the last man standing.

In Dragon Ball Super, Beerus put Goku in charge of putting together a team when it was discovered that Universe 7 would be forced to participate in the Tournament of Power. After making Gohan the leader, Goku arranged for Vegeta, Piccolo, Buu, Android 17, Android 18, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Tien to join them in battle. The group was put in a bind when Buu fell asleep and left with an open spot. Instead of going for the most obvious choice and asking Yamcha, Goku went to Otherworld and promised to wish Frieza back to life in exchange for his help. The Z-Warriors vehemently opposed this move, believing that Frieza’s history as a villain made him someone that couldn’t be trusted.

Though Frieza ultimately did play a big part in securing Universe 7’s win in the Tournament of Power, that doesn’t necessarily justify Goku’s decision. First of all, Goku’s logic in picking him was flawed. He believed that self-preservation would keep him in line, but he underestimated the villain’s devious nature. Before the tournament even started, Frieza turned on Goku and tried to get Universe 9 to make him the same offer, but he was fortunately stopped by Beerus. If it wasn’t for Beerus’ timing, Goku’s actions could have given Universe 9 a powerful fighter (if they had agreed). This was an early sign that Goku was making a big mistake.

In the tournament’s final minutes, Frieza told Dypso that he was willing to ally with Universe 11 if they promised to resurrect him. Though Dypso, Jiren, and Top would have benefited from such a deal, he refused this offer on the grounds that he wouldn’t join forces with someone like Frieza. Earlier, Frieza pretended to make a similar alliance with Universe 6’s Frost, but it appears that this one was an honest plea. If Dyspo had accepted Frieza’s bargain, Universe 7 would most assuredly have lost the tournament. Against Jiren, Top, Dyspo, and Frieza, the last four Z-Warriors (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 17) would have fallen rather quickly.

The fact that Frieza’s betrayal was only prevented by the integrity of one of their enemies proves that Goku never should have recruited him. Universe 7’s victory was born more out of luck than strategic thinking because if Dyspo was any less honorable, it would have been Universe 11 who took home the glory.

Though the Tournament of Power is over and won, more consequences of Goku’s choice could emerge as time passes. Due to their deal, Frieza is alive again and free to do as he pleases. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he tried to use the Legendary Super Saiyan to bring down Goku and Vegeta. This didn’t work, but he may make other attempts to get his revenge in the near future. Goku could have avoided this and other problems if he had sought out a different substitute for Buu during Dragon Ball Super’s tournament, such as Pikkon, who could be much stronger now than he was in Dragon Ball Z’s filler episodes.

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