Broly vs The Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Both Hulk and Broly are incredibly powerful fighters fueled by rage, but if they ever had to face one another in a fight, who would be victorious?

Hulk often refers to himself as the “strongest there is,” and in the Marvel Universe, he just might be. However, the world of Dragon Ball is packed with powerful characters, and near the top of that list is Broly. Could Broly beat this iconic Marvel hero, or would the Jade Giant put the Legendary Super Saiyan in his place?

Broly first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z: Broly Triple Threat movie trilogy, though these techniques aren’t canon to the main Dragon Ball Universe. More recently, however, a new Broly was introduced to the canon in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Saga, albeit with some changes to his origins and overall character. While the Broly Saga was skipped in the manga, references to it in “Battle’s End and Aftermath” imply that the events still occurred. Broly was born on Planet Vegeta around the same time as Prince Vegeta and Goku, but even as a baby, Broly’s power level was abnormally high – so high that King Vegeta exiled him out of fear. Broly’s father, Paragus, follows his exiled child to Vampa, a harsh, isolated planetoid with no intelligent life. There, Paragus spends years training Broly until they are found by the Frieza Force, who recruit Broly to their cause. By then, Broly’s power level is so high it can’t even be measured by a scouter, but he’s not the only one with unfathomable strength.

Ever since he was caught in a gamma explosion, whenever Bruce Banner gets angry or stressed, he transforms into the monstrous Hulk, a savage, mindless being of immense strength. While there are versions of the character that have Bruce’s intellect in Hulk’s body, Marvel has shown that the two are actually weaker together, at least when it comes to a physical fight. This is because Hulk’s strength is as limitless as his rage, so in a battle against Broly, Banner’s intellect would just be a hindrance. Savage Hulk, on the other hand, simply gets angrier (and therefore stronger) the longer he’s in combat. Infinite strength coupled with Hulk’s healing factor, which rivals even Wolverine’s, makes him incredibly difficult to take down. In the past, Hulk has bested opponents like Fing Fang Foom, the Avengers, and even Hercules, the literal god of strength, but those impressive victories don’t necessarily mean he could beat Broly.

Much like Hulk, Broly also gets stronger with rage; if he gets mad enough, Broly can enter the Wrath State, which gives him the enhanced strength and durability of a Great Ape without transforming his body. However, this technique puts Broly in constant pain, which makes it hard to maintain. Fortunately, Broly has another, a stronger form called Legendary Super Saiyan, a Berserk state that gives Broly a limitless supply of energy, vastly increasing his power. As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly fights off both Goku and Vegeta in Perfected Super Saiyan Blue states, regarded as the most powerful level of Super Saiyan, with ease. It’s only after Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta that they can produce an attack powerful enough to defeat Broly. Seeing as both Hulk and Broly have virtually unlimited strength, their other abilities would likely decide the fight, and in that department, Broly has Hulk pretty outclassed. As a Saiyan, Broly can fly, teleport, move at super speed, and emit powerful blasts of energy, whereas Hulk’s primary power is his strength. His healing factor gives him an edge, but other Marvel characters have beaten Hulk in the past, meaning Broly could feasibly overpower him as well.

Ultimately, a fight between Broly and the Hulk could go either way. Both are absolute powerhouses strong enough to destroy entire planets. However, based on past feats and his overall array of abilities, Broly is more likely to come out on top.

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