New Manga Combines Best Elements of My Hero Academia & Dragon Ball Z

The Hero Who Has No Class combines the rivalry of Trunks and Goten from Dragon Ball Z with a powerless hero similar to My Hero Academia’s Deku.

New manga The Hero Who Has No Class. I Don’t Need Any Skills, It’s Okay takes the most enjoyable elements of My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z, combining them into fun new story fans of those popular franchises should check out. Like Deku, Arel lacks abilities his peers possess, but his struggle is couched in a rivalry reminiscent of that between Trunks and Goten.

Even though My Hero Academia’s Deku currently wields numerous quirks from One For All’s predecessors, and has been racking up more each chapter, there was a time when Deku was quirk-less. This is in a world where essentially everyone has a quirk. Interestingly, even when Deku later acquires One For All from All Might, his own physical limitations make it difficult for him to depend on his newfound quirk because wielding One For All badly damages parts of his body. Therefore, Deku has to rely on his insanely impressive analytical and problem-solving skills more than heroes with more dependable powers. He gets by surprisingly well in this manner, though he eventually finds a way to wield One For All without severely injuring himself.

In The Hero Who Has No Class, Arel is born into a world where the goddess bestows a class upon everyone. But, of course, Arel is classless like how Deku was quirk-less. This automatically makes Arel subject to ridicule, though, surprisingly, it doesn’t affect him. Being born into a powerful family, he was able to spend years honing his skills. This is important because getting a class effectively powers up their respective skill sets. Having trained extensively, Arel can still be more skilled than someone who just acquired their class and never trained before. Arel proves this to be true when he gets in a fight with some arrogant opponents who were just assigned a class and wins.

The relationship that Arel later forms with his nameless rival is akin to the one between the younger versions of Dragon Ball Z’s Trunks and Goten. Being the eldest, Trunks is much stronger than Goten, while Goten’s father, Goku, is much more powerful than Trunks’ dad, Vegeta. Although they quarrel about which one of them is the strongest, the argument always gets more heated when it involves their dads.

The relationship between Arel and his nameless rival follows a similar dynamic as Trunks and Goten. Arel’s rival is much stronger than him, but Arel’s mother, the “Sword Princess” Farah, is so renowned for her skill with a sword that Arel’s rival is consumed with jealousy, which is why he shows so much disdain for Arel upon their first meeting. He believes that his father Evans, the municipal police officer, is actually the best swordsman, and makes sure to announce to Arel that he refuses to accept that it’s Farah.

The Hero Who Has No Class essentially takes some of the best qualities of My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z and magnifies them to a whole other level. Manga series like My Hero Academia which focuses on weak heroes who later become insanely powerful might already be successful, but The Hero Who Has No Class stretches out this dynamic for an entire series, rather than confining it to one arc. And while Dragon Ball Z’s Trunks and Goten disagree over whose father is stronger, their fights are innocent because they’re friends, with a rivalry that fleshes out both characters. The Hero Who Has No Class. I Don’t Need Any Skills, It’s Okay basically takes that point of contention between buddies and gives it to actual enemies, making the argument that much more intense and personal, and successfully merging the most compelling elements of My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Z.

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