What Dragon Ball’s Namekians Reveal Means For Piccolo

Dragon Ball Super’s manga continuation just dropped a major reveal about the Namekians. Here’s what it could mean for Piccolo and the Z-Warriors.

A huge reveal about the Namekians in the manga continuation of Dragon Ball Super could have major implications for the Z-Warriors, particularly Piccolo. The manga has dropped some interesting revelations about Piccolo’s race, who have long been an important part of Dragon Ball lore. It’s the Namekians who created the Dragon Balls in their first place, and it’s members of their species who maintain their existence in the world.

In the original Dragon Ball, Piccolo – who called himself “Demon King Piccolo” – believed himself to be a warrior of a demonic nature, but Dragon Ball Z retconned this by revealing that both he and Kami originated from a distant planet called Namek. In the Frieza Saga, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta all had an adventure on Namek, which was being invaded by the Frieza Force. Namek was destroyed by Frieza, but their species survived, with the majority of their kind being moved to a different planet, which is now known as New Namek. The Namekians took a backseat in the story after the Frieza Saga but were given a more significant role in the Dragon Ball Super manga’s Moro arc.

The latest installment, Chapter 69, featured a scene on New Namek that involved the current Namekian elder, Moori, teaching his people about the history of their race. Moori explained that long ago, the Namekians came to this universe from “another realm altogether”, meaning that Piccolo’s people aren’t actually native to Universe 7. Moori doesn’t get specific at all about where they’re actually from, so it’s not clear if he means they’re from one of the other universes seen in the Tournament of Power, or an entirely different place. Namekians do live in Universe 6, but the word “realm” suggests a different meaning to Moori’s words. It could be that Piccolo’s ancestors hail from an all-new dimension separate from the 12 universes, similar to Dragon Ball’s Demon Realm.

It remains to be seen what these revelations are setting up, but it could be that Dragon Ball is building up to something big with the Namekians, and possibly Piccolo as well. The history lesson about Namekians helped explain why there are Namekians living in places like Planet Cereal, but there could be more to it than just that, as it’s not clear why Dragon Ball would retcon the Namekians into interdimensional beings. Slowly but surely, Dragon Ball Super has been making Piccolo relevant again, and this Namekian reveal could factor into that. The Tournament of Power arc boosted his power level by a large degree and put Piccolo above Majin Buu. The manga continuation has seen his power level climb even higher since then. It could be that Dragon Ball is leading up to a story where Piccolo plays a big role.

That would be fitting, especially if a future storyline is centered around the origin of the Namekians. It’s possible that the reason they left their realm may come into play in the near future. If something or someone drove them away, this threat could come to Universe 7 and force the Z-Warriors to take a stand against it. If a new villain is connected in some way with the Namekians, it would make sense for Piccolo to play a vital part in the fight. Since his power has increased so much, there’s a good chance that he’ll be able to contribute in a meaningful way.

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