Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed An All-New Set Of Dragon Balls

The latest update of Dragon Ball Super reveals a new set of Dragon Balls, and there may be more that the series hasn’t revealed yet.

Dragon Ball Super just revealed that there’s another set of Dragon Balls other than the ones on Earth and Namek – and they’re a little bit different than the one readers may be familiar with.

The Dragon Ball series has been focused on the existence of a set of mythical balls that can grant three wishes once gathered. As Son Goku’s quests to become stronger, most of his villains are connected to the Dragon Balls. Goku and his allies have continuously gathered the seven Dragon Balls to restore Earth back to normal after it has been left in ruins after epic fights. In fact, his friend Bulma has already perfected the device that searches for the Dragon Balls, so they can just wish for something any time they want – such as the planet Namek being restored.

Dragon Ball Super’s Chapter 69 tells how Dragon Balls came into being. During a class lesson in Namek, an elder is teaching the young students that the Dragon Balls used to be a reward for bold Namekian warriors who needed the Dragon Balls’ great powers during times of great suffering. Then, one student asks whether or not there are other Dragon Balls outside of Namek. It’s then explained that wherever Namekians are residing, there could be Dragon Balls on that planet.

Chapter 69 reveals that there are two non-Sugarian residents of the current planet Cereal – Granolah and Monaito. Monaito, an old Namekian, reveals that there is a set of Dragon Balls on planet Cereal. They are, however, a bit different from the ones on Earth or Namek. Planet Cereal’s Dragon Balls are smaller and come in a pair. When the new Cerelian villain Granolah steals a Dragon Ball to pair with the other, and the dragon that comes out of it (looks like an axolotl) it only grants him one wish.

With this revelation, it’s become more clear than ever that there are possibly more sets of Dragon Balls in other parts of the universe. After all, the elder Namekian does confirm that their ancestors have come from another realm and have lived on different planets across the universe. He also confirms that wherever there are Namekians, there is a great possibility that there are also Dragon Balls on those undiscovered planets. It seems the series is setting the stage for new potential discoveries, as perhaps more sets of Dragon Balls will be revealed in Dragon Ball Super’s future updates with different rules than the ones that readers have already learned about.

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