Super Baby 2 Brings a Unique Ability to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Super Baby 2 is the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character and he features an ability that might make him the best character in the game.

It was recently announced that the fourth DLC character in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s third FighterZ Pass will be Super Baby 2, also known as Baby Vegeta, one of the central villains of Dragon Ball GT. While Super Baby isn’t set to be released until January 15th, the character’s announcement trailer was very informative and showcased a lot of what Baby can do. Most specifically though, the trailer highlighted Baby’s new unique ability, which may have game-breaking potential. Super Baby 2 has the ability to use a character’s assist even after they’ve already been defeated.

In the Dragon Ball GT anime series, Tuffles were an advanced race of super-intelligent beings, but they’re eventually driven to extinction by the Saiyans as they took over planet Plant. One of the last remaining creations of the Tuffles is a parasitic organism infused with the DNA of the Tuffle king, named Baby. The organism was designed during the Tuffle-Saiyan war for the purposes of eradicating the Saiyan race in revenge for the fallen Tuffles. Baby has the ability to absorb the energy of others as well as take possession of their body by entering through open wounds. Baby can also control a person after they’ve left someone’s body by laying an egg inside of them. Eventually, Baby finds his way to Earth, where he takes control of Vegeta and enslaves all of the human race in an attempt to revive the Tuffle people.

Baby’s ability to use assists even after a character has fallen takes root in his ability to control others. The reveal trailer does a good job tying the story of the Dragon Ball anime into the game to explain Baby’s ability. The Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer shows Super Baby fighting Adult Gohan and defeating him. Kid Goku then approaches and is confronted by Baby and Gohan, who have an evil red aura surrounding him. It’s fitting that Baby defeats Gohan as he was the second Saiyan Baby took control of. While under the control of Baby, Gohan then fights Kid Goku, so the trailer is full of GT Easter Eggs. Bandai Namco seem to have done a great job of trying to stick as true to the character as possible with Super Baby 2 in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Baby’s Ability Makes Him A Perfect Anchor For Any Team

If the character is anything close to what he was in the anime, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Super Baby 2 should be a seriously powerful fighter. While the trailer doesn’t show his full move set, Baby seems to have a mix of long-range and grapple-type attacks. Coupling his range with the ability to use assists no matter what, and Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Baby seems like he could be a very difficult character to deal with. This is without even taking into consideration a Sparking boost when Baby is the last character left, which will only make him stronger. This is why Super Baby 2 has the makings of a perfect anchor and one of the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In addition to his ability to control others, two of Super Baby 2’s most powerful attacks from Dragon Ball GT have been included in Dragon Ball FighterZ as his special moves. The first is his Revenge Death Ball, which is basically evil, black Spirit Bomb. For the other, he turns into a Golden Great Ape and rampages across the battle field. It’s great seeing Baby’s Golden Great Ape form included in the game because it’s his strongest form by far. Hopefully, Baby’s Golden Great Ape form is just a special move rather than a transformation, because having to fight against a Golden Great Ape sounds cool, yet impossible.

Many players still don’t know about Super Baby 2 in Dragon Ball FighterZ and his abilities, but he looks like he could be a game-changer just from the reveal trailer. Fans excited to try out the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character will have to wait until Super Baby 2 is officially released on January 15th.

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