Does Goku’s Ultra Instinct Form Make Him Unkillable?

Goku is basically immortal, but his new Ultra Instinct form could possibly make him even more impervious to any threats he may face.

Goku is a super powerful Saiyan in the Dragon Ball universe, and besides his infinite lung capacity to scream through a powerup across five pages, Goku’s latest transformation ups the ante by making his body react without thought. This “Ultra Instinct” form takes Goku’s godly strength to new heights and means his body can withstand planet-obliterating hits, but does that make him unkillable?

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65, Goku harnessed the Ultra Instinct form that he briefly used in the Tournament of Power arc and is now using in a rematch with the escaped Galactic Patrol prisoner Moro. Goku finally mastered the form and Moro finds out he is no match for it by breaking his hand against Goku’s washboard abs. Goku is functionally immortal thanks to the Dragon Balls’ wishes and good standing with multiple different tiers of Gods in the Dragon Ball universe (and parallel universes). But does this new form – and his body’s ability to instantly react to attacks without the pesky delay of thinking – make him invincible?

If each muscle in his Saiyan body can flex to defend itself from a hit and he can dodge the instant he sees something; can he withstand just about anything? Moro sure doesn’t stand much of a chance, even after copying the Ultra Instinct ability. Creators Akira Toriyama and Toyotaru expertly add stakes to the story by making Moro become one with planet Earth, threatining to destroy the world along with himself if Goku tries to kill him. But the story glosses over Goku’s new form and potentially making his body the perfect fighting machine.

His ability to instinctually react and have each muscle move independently means he could very well fend off even internal threats like a disease. Previous Dragon Ball lore explains Saiyans have the unique advantage of only showing their age when they reach about 70, maintaining that body-builder physique without losing stamina when getting older. This keeps them in prime fighting shape for much longer. Goku is estimated to be in his 40s but he could still easily pass for 24 and this new form could prolong that effect since his body is now a fully autonomic system. Goku, of course, doesn’t stay in Ultra Instinct form all the time since it takes intense concentration and willful control of his emotions. But if maintained, the form could very well make him invincible. Even the God of Destruction could be in trouble next to Ultra Instinct Goku.

If he could beat Father Time, could Goku also fend off infectious disease? His body essentially operates perfectly. It reacts without his thoughts, defends and attacks as necessary, and is nigh-impenetrable. This likely translates to an invincible internal system, too. Goku came down with rare heart disease in Dragon Ball Z during the android/Cell arc but treated it with drugs brought back from the future. So Goku’s Saiyan body is definitely vulnerable to normal human problems like heart disease and maybe even cancer. But in Ultra Instinct form, he is perfect down to the last cell. If a cancerous clot of cells started to form, it’s not too much of a leap of logic to say Goku’s Ultra Instinct T-cells could eradicate any cancer. So even if he came down with a fatal disease while in his normal form, he could probably power up and defeat the disease.

Not only is this Dragon Ball Superman able to exceed any limit set before him, but his newest form could also probably make him invincible. The anime, which initially gained a lead on the manga storyline, never made it past this point in the story so there’s no telling if Ultra Instinct is completely invulnerable. Beerus is probably the only being able to challenge it. But when these power levels keep edging toward godliness even Beerus may not be enough. For the time being, it certainly seems like Goku is unkillable, and even if he is somehow murdered, he can always be wished back to life.

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