How Strong Dragon Ball Super’s Hit Really Is

Hit, the deadly assassin from Universe 6, gave Goku one of his most challenging fights in Dragon Ball Super; how powerful is the character?

Hit, the assassin from Universe 6, is responsible for one of Goku’s most grueling battles in Dragon Ball Super. The incredibly powerful warrior, known for his Time Skip ability, was Goku’s main opponent in the Universe 6 Saga. The character returned to play a key role in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power story and was believed to be Universe 6’s best hope of winning.

In the Universe 6 Saga, Hit stunned the Z-Warriors by scoring an easy victory over the anime’s second strongest hero, Vegeta. It was revealed that Hit’s biggest asset in battle is his Time Skip ability, which enables him to leap forward in time by a tenth of a second. This, combined with his amazing speed, makes dodging his blows extremely difficult. To make matters worse, Hit was actually able to make improvements to the ability during his fight with Goku. Goku had to power up to Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken for the first time ever to properly match up with him. However, Goku never was able to get a decisive victory over Hit.

Many of the characters, particularly Goku and Vegeta, have become stronger since the Universe 6 Saga, which creates a question of how Hit should be classified in terms of his power. Based on everything that took place in the Tournament of Power, it’s safe to say that even though Goku never got his rematch with Hit, he’s now surpassed the Universe 6 assassin. The same is true for Vegeta, who impressively defeated Top with his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. Vegeta could beat Universe 11’s second strongest fighter, whereas Hit struggled to keep up its third-ranked warrior, Dyspo.

The best indication of Hit’s true capabilities comes from his fights with Jiren and Dyspo. Hit was at a disadvantage through most of his fight with the Universe 11 speedster, but in the end, it did appear that his improved Time Skip ability made him superior in combat. However, it was revealed later on in the tournament that Dyspo was holding back his greatest weapon: his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. Judging by how well it worked against Gohan and Golden Frieza, it would seem that Dyspo is more powerful than Hit.

Following his fight with Dyspo, Hit demonstrated that he was one of the Tournament of Power’s greatest fighters when he took on Jiren, Dragon Ball Super’s strongest antagonist. The Hit was shown to be much weaker than Jiren, but his Time Skip almost gave him the win. Jiren himself openly regarded Hit as a threat to him which is something that he didn’t do with any of the other characters, except for Goku. Hit’s ability to challenge Jiren and fight on par with Dypso (but admittedly without his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode power-up) are clear signs that despite his early loss in the Tournament of Power, he’s still one of the anime’s most formidably fighters. He’s easily above most of the Z-Warriors, with one possible exception being Gohan, who is Dragon Ball’s third strongest hero at this point.

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