How Powerful Dragon Ball Super’s Frieza Really Is

Frieza, who made huge gains when he returned from the dead in Dragon Ball Super, is one of Goku’s greatest enemies — exactly how powerful is he?

Frieza, who made huge gains when he returned from the dead in Dragon Ball Super, is one of the franchise’s strongest fighters. Thus far, Frieza is also the only character to serve as the main villain of two separate sagas.

Frieza’s immense power forced Goku to go Super Saiyan for the first time, but he wouldn’t be such a force to be reckoned with if Dragon Ball Super hadn’t given him a huge upgrade. Though he was the most dangerous threat that they had ever faced during the timeframe of the Frieza Saga, he was eventually surpassed by most of the main characters during the time that he was dead. However, his resurrection in the Golden Frieza Saga gave him an opportunity to train and increase his power until he was able to achieve his greatest transformation: “Golden Frieza”. Following his defeat, he returned to the action as a member of Goku’s Tournament of Power team in Dragon Ball Super’s final arc.

As well as he fought against characters like Goku and Vegeta, there’s still some question of just how powerful he really is. Frieza is incredibly strong, but he’s not on the same level as Goku and Vegeta when they’re at their full power. He lost to them in the Golden Frieza Saga, and though he’s made some improvements since then, so have they. He wasn’t able to hold up against foes like Jiren and Top nearly as well as the two Saiyans. Plus, Goku and Vegeta have acquired Ultra Instinct and the Super Saiyan Blue Evolved forms respectively.

Frieza’s performance against Dyspo proves that he’s also behind all three of Universe 11’s top fighters. He put up a tough fight against Dyspo but wasn’t able to withstand his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. Aside from them, Frieza likely would have been able to handle most of the fighters from the other universes, including Kale, Caulifla, and Ribrianne, but would be hard-pressed to beat someone like Universe 6’s Hit, who can challenge both Dyspo and Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

As for how he compares to the Z-Warriors below Goku and Vegeta, Frieza is levels above most of them, including Piccolo, Majin Buu, Android 18, and all the weaker characters. His power appears to be close to that of the third and fourth strongest heroes, Gohan and Android 17. Based on how both Frieza and 18 fought against Top, it would seem that in his Golden Frieza form, he may outclass the android. However, he doesn’t seem to be a better fighter than Gohan. After all, Frieza couldn’t take down Dyspo and had to rely on Gohan to do the heavy-lifting in the final battle.

While Frieza may be eclipsed by some Dragon Ball Super characters, he’s still a threat that should be taken seriously as the franchise moves forward. What’s perhaps most deadly about Frieza is the fact that he was able to narrow the gap between himself and Goku and Vegeta in the span of just four months. If Frieza were to train for such a length of time again, the two Saiyans might not come out on top the next time they fight.

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