Vegeta vs. Goku: Which Character is Stronger?

Goku and Vegeta are two of the most powerful Saiyans in all the Dragon Ball series, but which character is ultimately strongest?

Superhero fans who loved reading about OP characters need to look no farther than the wildly popular Dragon Ball manga series. Not only are characters like Goku and Vegeta already insanely powerful, they regularly train to become even more powerful and seek out worthy opponents to test their strength.

With all of this constant one-upmanship, selecting the most powerful character can be challenging – but there are certainly plenty of strength feats one can examine to gauge the strength of two of the most powerful Saiyan – Goku and Vegeta.

Originally sent to Earth to destroy it, the Saiyan known as Goku suffered a fortunate head injury that altered his memory and caused him to grow up to be one of Earth’s greatest defenders. Competitive by nature, Goku constantly trains to be the greatest warrior possible and has come to possess powers that some believe put him on the same level as DC’s Superman.

While fans have debated the validity of this, Goku is undeniably powerful. As a child, he was already strong enough to destroy an entire army. Thanks to age and training, his strength level only increased, allowing him to break virtually all Earthling-made materials or weapons. He can move easily under the force of increased gravity and lift well over 100 tons.

However, even these feats of strength pale against what Goku is potentially capable of. Although Goku has faced defeat by opponents more powerful than him, he simply uses these defeats to motivate him to train even harder, power himself with stronger forms of divine energy, and attain more powerful “Super Saiyan” forms. His constant training has allowed him to transform into a new state, the Ultra Instinct form, which puts him on a power scale with the Gods of Destruction.

As hard as Goku trains, however, he is far from the only Saiyan determined to constantly exceed his limits. One of his most powerful opponents is Vegeta, a prince of the Saiyan race who was once one of the most cold-blooded warriors and killers in Dragon Ball. Fortunately, he also went through a change of heart that gradually transformed him from a villain to an anti-hero to an actual hero.

Vegeta did not, however, lose his desire for greater power – and is in fact motivated to train so he can surpass Goku in power. Like Goku, his arduous training regimen has allowed him to transform into more powerful Super Saiyan forms, particularly his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. In this form, Vegeta is arguably even more powerful than Goku when Goku powers up to his own Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken form, as this form exhausts Goku in a way that Vegeta’s own Blue Evolved form doesn’t tire him.

That being said, Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is still more powerful than Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form, giving the main protagonist of Dragon Ball an edge. Even so, it’s an edge that will inevitably be outclassed by Vegeta, likely sooner than later. Part of the appeal of this manga is the ability for characters to regularly shatter their limitations and outclass not only their opponents but also themselves. Given the history of these two characters and their need to one-up each other, Vegeta will grow stronger than Goku – which will only motivate Goku to train harder and surpass his rival.

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