Dragon Ball Z: Does Goku also Have SuperSpeed?

Goku is undeniably one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe, but is super speed one of his many impressive abilities?

As the star of the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku will rise to just about any challenge – and he usually comes out on top due to his strong determination and wide assortment of abilities. But can Kakarot count super speed as one of his many powers?

As the protagonist of the series, Goku has been around since Dragon Ball debuted in 1984. Over the years, he’s proven time after time that he’s an incredibly capable and powerful warrior, and although his Saiyan race would normally imbue him with destructive tendencies, Goku has a kind heart and uses his powers to defend the people of Earth. Goku’s arsenal of abilities includes flight, super strength, energy projection through ki, and many powerful martial arts styles and techniques. He can also transform into a Super Saiyan – a form that drastically increases his power. On top of all that, Goku is constantly training and looking for ways to improve. Whatever limits you think he has, it’s only a matter of time before he breaks them.

Another one of Goku’s powers is a technique called instant transmission, an ability that allows him to travel great distances in the blink of an eye. Goku often uses this technique in the battle to try and confuse his opponents, but sometimes his opponents can use it too, resulting in the fast paced fight sequences that the series is known for. In this sense, one could say that Goku does have super-speed, but instant transmission more like full-on teleportation. So how fast is he without it?

One of Goku’s greatest feats of speed is when he travels across Snake Way to return from the dead. It’s been calculated that Goku flew this distance at a speed of over 11,000 miles per hour. This is where Dragon Ball’s tendency to give their characters numeric power levels comes in handy. At this time, Goku’s power level was between 5,000-8,000, but his highest recorded power level comes later in the series at 150 million, which mathematically indicates his speed would increase to around half the speed of light at that time. That’s pretty darn fast, but since Goku’s power level continues to increase exponentially, it’s safe to say he can go even faster. In fact, many internet sleuths estimate he can move much faster than the speed of the light in his most powerful form.

It’s basically undeniable that Goku has super speed. He may not be as quick as someone like The Flash, but he’s still fast enough to out-speed just about anyone. Especially when it comes to heroes and villains who call the Dragon Ball universe home.

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