Dragon Ball Z: The 10 Best Vegeta Episodes, According to IMDb

Vegeta has proven to be one of Dragon Ball’s best characters. Here’s what IMDb says are his best episodes.

Starting out as a major villain in the series, Vegeta has received some of the most significant character development of any character in all of Dragon Ball Z. He became a central member of Earth’s Special Forces and fathered fan-favorite character Trunks, who would travel back in time-saving the Earth and its people from a dark deadly fate.

When he first arrives on the scene, we learn that Vegeta is in fact the prince of the Saiyan race, seeking to gain immortality from the Dragon Balls. These days Vegeta, along with Goku are the central figures of modern Dragon Ball with the most recent film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, further exploring the backstory of the character.

These are the top ten Vegeta heavy episodes, as rated by the users on IMDb.

  1. Final Atonement (8.8)

Trunks and Goten attack Buu, managing to rescue Vegeta. Vegeta then hugs Trunks before knocking him and Goten out. Piccolo collects the two boys, as Vegeta asks him to take them far away from the battlefield. Aware that Vegeta plans on killing himself to defeat Buu, Piccolo does as requested.

Vegeta asks Piccolo if he will see Goku in the next life, however Piccolo informs Vegeta that his life of evil deeds would result in a different version of the afterlife for him. After Piccolo leaves, Vegeta taunts Buu and puts his plan into motion, amassing an enormous amount of energy to turn himself into an explosion.

2. The End Of Vegeta (8.3)

In the midst of the Frieza saga, a cocky Vegeta gets his comeuppance from disobeying his former leader, Frieza. Now in his final (or natural) form, the tyrant delivers a horrific beating onto the Saiyan prince. As Frieza prepares the death blow, Goku appears, now fully recovered from his battle against Ginyu.

Vegeta comes to the conclusion that Goku has now become a Super Saiyan and begins to taunt Frieza. This leads to Vegeta receiving a death beam straight through the chest. As he slowly dies Vegeta warns Goku not to show any mercy to Frieza. He explains the past tragedies inflicted upon himself and the Saiyan race at the hands of Frieza before finally passing away.

3. Goku Vs. Vegeta (8.3)

This episode picks from the previous, where Vegeta killed Nappa for disappointing him in his fight against Goku. In true Goku fashion, he requests the two move to a more remote location and orders Krillin and Gohan to return to Kame House.

Vegeta and Goku face off on their new battleground, with Goku’s abilities catching the Saiyan prince off guard. However, Vegeta is able to match Goku’s rise in strength and starts to dominate the fight. The prince begins to mock Goku, believing that he is truly the superior fighter. Unknown to Vegeta though, is Goku’s secret weapon, Kaio-ken times three.

4. Vegeta’s Pride (8.1)

Vegeta and Goku stare each other down in the middle of the ring, as shocked onlookers from the World Martial Arts Tournament watch in horror. Goku realizes that Vegeta allowed Babidi to take control of him. Vegeta then proceeds to blow up another part of the arena, killing more spectators.

Vegeta challenges Goku to fight, which he reluctantly agrees but requests Babidi move them to a place away from people. However, the Supreme Kai steps in and tries to stop the two from engaging in combat. When Goku threatens the Kai with an energy blast, he concedes. The group is then transported to a barren wasteland where Vegeta and Goku begin their fight, whilst Gohan along with the Supreme Kai attempt to stop Buu from hatching.

5. The Long Awaited Fight (8.1)

Vegeta and Goku begin their long overdue rematch in the deserted battleground requested by Goku. The two titans clash, delivering tremendous damage to each other which will ultimately fuel the energy needed to fuel Majin Buu’s revival.

Vegeta starts to gain the upper hand in the fight, with Goku experiencing he full effects of his seven year training. It is here where Vegeta reveals (via flashbacks) all the times he has felt humiliated by Goku and how it is now time for the tables to turn and for Vegeta to gain his honor back.

6. Upgrade To Super Saiyan (8.0)

As the heart virus starts to attack Goku from the inside, Android 19 deals damage from the outside. The Z fighters attempt to assist their friend but 20 intervenes, forcing them back. 19 starts to drain the energy from Goku and as he does, Vegeta delivers a massive kick to 19’s head.

Thanks to Vegeta, Yamcha is able to take Goku home to give him the antidote. Surprising everyone again, Vegeta than transforms into a Super Saiyan. He goes into depths about his training to get there and when he finally reached a breaking point at being unable to surpass Goku, he was finally able to transform.

7. The Warriors Decision (8.0)

Continuing on from the previous episode, Vegeta shocks everyone watching from the sidelines as he makes short work of Buu. Piccolo takes note of Vegeta having become more powerful than Gohan was when he fought Cell. However, no matter how much damage Buu receives, his regeneration abilities allow him to keep coming back.

An enraged Buu then detaches a portion of his own body and uses it to create a bind which wraps itself around Vegeta, trapping him and applying enormous pressure, almost crushing him. Buu then proceeds to pummel the Saiyan in revenge for his previous efforts.

8. The Dark Prince Returns (8.0)

After being returned to Babidi’s spaceship, Supreme Kai soon realizes that Vegeta is new recruit that Dabura was referring to. Vegeta feels something attacking him from the inside as Babidi gains control of his mind. When the process ends, Vegeta sports a large M on his forehead and exhibits a more violent persona.

The group is then transported by Babidi to the World Martial Arts Tournament, where Vegeta blows a hole in the stadium stands, killing many of the spectators. Goku watches on in horror, witnessing a version of Vegeta long since dead, come back to life. Vegeta stares back at Goku, a large evil smile wiped across his face.

9. Vegeta Attacks (7.9)

Jumping ahead to the Babidi Saga, Vegeta takes on Pui Pui inside Babidi’s spaceship. As the battle rages on, the characters find themselves transported to Pui Pui’s home planet, designed to give him an advantage. An overly confident Pui Pui remarks on how his planets gravity is ten times that of Earth. The effort is proven fruitless as Vegeta explains he doesn’t even feel it and is more than capable to handle the gravity of the planet.

Pui Pui charges Vegeta, who disappears and reappears in front of him, blasting Pui Pui to smithereens. After the battle, the group are returned to the spaceship and the door to the next level opens. The episode shifts back to the World Martial Arts Tournament, showing Goten and Trunks posing as Mighty Mask in the adult division.

10. The Secret Of Dr. Gero (7.9)

In this episode, Vegeta battles Android 19, fairing infinitely better than Goku did. The remaining Z Fighters and Dr. Gero watch from the sidelines as Vegeta rips off the Androids’ hands, taking away his energy-absorbing ability. As 19 attempts to run from the battlefield, Vegeta launches a Big Bang Attack which obliterates the Android.

Vegeta then approaches Android 20 and challenges him but the Android flees. Vegeta advises the others to leave and goes after Android 20 alone, however, Piccolo and the others give chase anyway. Growing frustrated when he can’t locate 20, Vegeta attempts to blast away the entire area, but 20 absorbs the energy instead.

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