Dragon Ball GT: The 10 Best Episodes, Ranked by IMDb

Dragon Ball GT had a number of good episodes, but IMDb deems these 10 the best.

When Dragon Ball Z originally ended on television in 1996, it was followed a week later by the sequel series Dragon Ball GT. The series, which ran for 64 episodes, wasn’t based on any manga but featured a new host of adventures written by the team at Toei Animation. Due to it not being based on Akira Toriyama’s work, it is considered by many to be non-canon.

The release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Resurrection ‘F’, and then Dragon Ball Super further cemented this fact by creating Dragon Ball plot points which would generate too many inconsistencies with GT. Dragon Ball GT still has its fans though, and in between some terrible episodes and weak execution are good concepts.

  1. Episode 64 – Until We Meet Again (8.5)

In the final ever episode of Dragon Ball GT, peace has finally been restored to the Earth. The genuine Shenron informs Goku and the others about how the overuse of the Dragon Balls is what caused all this mayhem in the first place. Shenron informs Goku that he must separate himself from the Earth for some time and Goku decides to travel with him, into the unknown.

The episode then jumps 100 years, not long after the events of the television special, A Hero’s Legacy. At the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr take to the stage whilst an elderly Pan watches from the sidelines. During the battle, she notices Goku watching the fight and gives chase. Goku disappears from the crowd as a flashback of the entire series is shown. The final shot shows Goku leaping into the sky with his power pole and the Flying Nimbus swooping up behind him.

2. Episode 42 – A Dangerous Union (8.2)

At Mount Paozu, Trunks arrives at the family dinner, battered and bruised, revealing that he was attacked by Android 17. As this happens, a strange hole opens up within the sky which King Kai reveals is a gateway to hell.

When Trunks awakens, he reveals that Android 17 told him that Goku must travel to hell or suffer severe consequences. On the television, it shows villains from all of Dragon Ball have returned to life and are wreaking havoc on the Earth. Goku decides to travel to hell and take on whatever threat is waiting for him there.

3. Episode 40 – Piccolo’s Decision (8.2)

As too much time has passed for the Black Star Dragon Balls to be returned to Earth, the planet only has a short window until it explodes. Mr. Satan communicates this message to the citizens of Earth and the massive job of moving everyone to the Tuffle planet begins.

When only one child remains on Earth, Piccolo intervenes and saves the boy. Goku arrives using instant transmission but with little energy left, Piccolo provides Goku with the energy he needs to make the jump. As they are about to leave, Piccolo lets go of Goku, opting to stay behind and prevent the Black Star Dragon Balls from ever returning.

4. Episode 43 – The Resurrection Of Cell And Frieza (8.1)

In the depths of Hell, Goku is reunited with his old enemies Frieza and Cell, who opted to stay behind. The trio begins to battle with Goku opting to stay in his base form for the fight. Goku makes short work of Cell and Frieza but the two return soon after, revealing that in hell, they are immortal.

On Earth, more villains from the past make the return including Nappa, who comes face to face with Vegeta. Showing he has not changed at all, after blowing up a city and attempting to attack Vegeta, he is again wiped out by his former comrade. The episode also features the return of the Saibamen and General Rildo.

5. Episode 27 – The Attack On Vegeta (7.8)

On the way home from a shopping trip, Vegeta and Bulla are attacked by Baby (using Gohan’s body). Vegeta is fully aware from the get-go that this isn’t Gohan and sends Bulla away from the battle zone. As the two fight, Baby reveals himself as a parasite created by the Tuffle race, a race destroyed by the Saiyans, particularly King Vegeta.

As Vegeta is too powerful for Baby Gohan, Goten is brought into even the playing field. Goten slices Vegeta’s face and as he powers up, Baby enters Vegeta’s body, making it over and transforming into a new being.

6. Episode 57 – The One-Star Dragon (7.7)

Goku and Eis Shenron battle through the ice-ravaged cityscape, with Goku overpowering the dragon. Eis uses Pan and Nuova Shenron as shields to stop Goku from delivering the final blow. He then plays on Goku’s mercy by pretending to beg for his life before blinding Goku with ice claws.

As Eis approaches Goku to finish him, the Super Saiyan 4 uses his other sense and punches a hole straight through Eis’s chest, then uses his Dragon Fist. After the battle, Nuova Shenron provides Goku with an antidote that restores his sight.

7. Episode 60 – Super Saiyan 4 Fusion (7.7)

Gohan, Trunks, and Goten step into fighting Omega Sheron, hoping to buy time for their fathers to fuse. The plan works and soon after, Gogeta is born, proving to be a threat even too great for Omega. Gogeta allows Omega to charge his negative Karma Ball attack but turns the tables by charging it with positive energy.

This effort results in Earth being freed from the negative energy surrounding it. Gogeta then uses his ultimate attack, the Big Bang Kamehameha which blasts the Dragon Balls out of Omega, reducing his power. At the same time, the overwhelming strength of two Super Saiyan 4’s causes the fusion to split apart earlier than expected.

8. Episode 44 – 17 Times 2 (7.6)

Krillin attempts to convince Android 17 of the goodness within him but ultimately 17 kills Krillin and leaves his sister, Android 18, for dead. In Hell, Goku breaks free of the ice trap laid out by Frieza and Cell, managing to encase the two villains in ice instead.

Whilst Vegeta battles Android 17, another 17 arrives on the scene, and the two fuse to become Super 17. The Z fighters all attack Super 17 but none of them are able to come close to matching his power.

9. Episode 35 – Goku’s Ascension (7.4)

After regaining control of his sanity in the previous episode, Goku has used his newfound strength to achieve a new form, Super Saiyan 4. Goku races to Baby Vegeta’s lookout and crashes the party, forcing Baby into battle. Goku’s newfound strength proves to be too much for Baby, as his attacks have no effect.

Meanwhile, Bulma works at the lookout on a way to help Baby transform into a Super Saiyan 4. Using her intellect, she is able to craft a Blutz Wave Generator which transforms Baby into a Golden Great Ape.

10. Episode 63 – Universal Allies (7.4)

Culminating in the final stand between Earth’s heroes and Omega Shenron, all hope appears lost with Goku and Vegeta drained of energy. Goku vows to no longer rely on the Dragon Balls in exchange for the strength to take Omega down.

As the remaining Z Fighters take their stand, Goku emerges from a crater in the ground, preparing the ultimate weapon, a universal spirit bomb. With the help of King Kai, Goku is able to communicate to beings all over the universe and use their energy to power the bomb.

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