Dragon Ball: 10 Strongest Opponents Faced By Vegeta

From Goku (of course) to Golden Frieza, which of the characters in Dragon Ball that Vegeta has battled has been the most powerful?

It would be pretty much impossible to talk about some of the most iconic anime series of all time without mentioning the absolute powerhouse that is Dragon Ball. While the first part of this show is certainly great in its own way, it’s Dragon Ball Z that truly propelled the series into the mainstream in the most resounding manner possible.

The story of the Z Fighters as they fight numerous powerful threats is truly enthralling in every sense of the word. One of the newest additions to the Z Fighters is Vegeta, a character who initially starts as an antagonist before coming over to the good side and entertaining audiences with his off-beat yet interesting personality.

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Vegeta without mentioning the numerous memorable fights he’s been a part of throughout the series. Some of the opponents he’s faced in these encounters have been incredibly powerful, to the point where Vegeta had to pull out all the stops to gain the upper hand. Here are ten of the strongest opponents Vegeta has faced in the Dragon Ball series.

  1. Beerus

It would be impossible to talk about Vegeta’s strongest opponents without mentioning the God of Destruction himself. Beerus is easily one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super, and it took a rage-induced Vegeta to finally land a single blow on the Destroyer God.

However, it was crystal clear that Vegeta didn’t have the strength to take on Beerus in his first encounter. In fact, even with all the progress, he’s made, this statement still holds.

2. Whis

If there’s one person Beerus should thank for attaining so much strength, it’s Whis. The Angel of Universe 7 has used his boundless strength to train the God of Destruction and keep him in check, in case he decides to bite more than even he could chew.

It’s through regular training sessions with Whis that Vegeta finally manages to access god ki and power up his abilities to the stratosphere… and beyond.

3. Goku

Of course, one would be remiss to talk about Vegeta’s strongest opponents without mentioning his legendary rival.

Goku and Vegeta’s dynamic is easily one of the most entertaining aspects of Dragon Ball, and the fact that these two constantly scale up their power levels and take each other on in sparring matches time and time again is a testament to how much these characters have grown over time.

4. Moro

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga is a new arc in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, which is yet to be serialized. However, there’s no denying the fact that the antagonist in this arc is one of the toughest enemies Vegeta has ever faced.

A powerful wizard with the ability to absorb a ton of energy, Vegeta is pushed to his very limits in his first confrontation with Moro, and still faced a resounding loss. This compelled him to train in Planet Yardrat and unlock a new technique to even the odds… and yet he still lost again.

5. Top

The Tournament Of Power arc is an incredibly memorable saga, and for all the right reasons.

One such reason was the inclusion of a powerful group known as the Pride Troopers, being led by Top. This character had briefly displayed his immense strength in a sparring contest against Goku, and watching his power escalate in the Tournament of Power was a sight to behold.

During his duel with Vegeta, Top decided to up the ante by using the power of a Destroyer God against Vegeta in battle. However, the latter managed to deal with this onslaught and take care of Top once and for all.

6. Jiren

However, while Top was down for the count after Vegeta’s attack, the fact of the matter is that an infinitely more powerful fighter was on the battlefield from the Pride Troopers who made sure that Top’s loss wasn’t too big of a blow.

This fighter is none other than Jiren, and Vegeta never managed to even land a single solid blow on him. Without Goku and his Ultra Instinct, it was only a given that Universe 7 would’ve lost at the very end.

7. Hit

The strongest fighter from Universe 6 was bound to make an appearance on this list at some point. While Vegeta was definitely on his A-game in this fight, Hit’s Time Skip was just too perplexing an ability for Vegeta to figure out, and he ended up being taken out by Hit in the tournament.

Goku needed to combine the Super Saiyan Blue form with his Kaio-Ken form to actually fight on even ground and even surpass Hit at times.

8. Fused Zamasu

The Future Trunks arc is one of the best sagas in Dragon Ball Super, and a major reason for why this is the case are the two antagonists of this arc — Goku Black and Future Zamasu.

While both of these fighters could’ve bagged a spot on this list, there’s no denying the fact that their Potara Fusion produced a fighter that was even more powerful, and would’ve destroyed both Vegeta and Goku if they hadn’t decided to go through with their Fusion as well.

9. Kid Buu

Kid Buu is the only antagonist from Dragon Ball Z to make this list, which shows just how powerful this creature really was. His powers were so strong that he could destroy Earth with just one blast.

Vegeta fought Kid Buu with everything he had, but he wasn’t able to best this fighter, and Goku ended up taking charge as he eliminated Kid Buu once and for all with a powered-up Spirit Bomb.

10. Golden Frieza

The return of Frieza in Dragon Ball Super was quite an amazing moment indeed, and the fact that he came back with a new powerful form to boot was the perfect icing on the cake.

However, the new Golden form was somewhat undercut by the fact that both Goku and Vegeta made short work of Frieza with their Super Saiyan Blue forms. Perhaps if Frieza became more accustomed to his new form, then a rematch would play out very differently.

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