Dragon Ball: Goku’s Trainer Merus Might Be Even Stronger

Though his looks may be deceiving, the galactic patrolman Merus is incredibly powerful, and might even be stronger than Goku himself.

Having only been recently introduced in the ongoing Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Merus has made quite an impact in a short amount of time. Though he entered the series acting as a lowly galactic patrol, it became quite clear that Merus is an immensely powerful being. As the reader began to learn more about him, one question came up, Is Merus stronger than Goku?

Merus’s debut effectively kick-started the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, when he apprehended and arrested Goku, Vegeta, and Majin Buu with ease. Though at first, it was almost upsetting to see such powerful characters taken in by a galactic patrolman, a member of an organization that trained incompetent comic relief characters like Jaco. However, as the arc progressed, it was revealed that Merus actually belonged to a godlike race of beings known as the Angels within the Dragon Ball universe.

As the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga’s main antagonist Moro grew in power, Merus took on the role of a mentor to Goku. As Goku’s new training partner and mentor, Merus attempted to teach Goku how to reach and maintain the powerful mastered form of Ultra-Instinct. However, their training was cut short before mastering said transformation due to the need to confront Moro. Without mastering Ultra-instinct, Goku took quite a beating from Moro and had to be saved by Vegeta.

Having learned the mysterious spirit separation technique on planet Yardrat, Vegeta was able to drain Moro of his power, rendering him extremely vulnerable. Unfortunately, before the heroes could finish him off, Moro fused with a being known as Android Seven Three, making him more powerful than ever. Moro proceeded to decimate the Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo with ease, leaving the only Merus to stand against him in next month’s issue. Though there is still little known about Merus and his potential, it is clear that he is vastly stronger than Goku. This can best be seen in his knowledge and mastery of Ultra-Instinct, a form that Goku struggles to even reach. The fact that he’s an Angel also raises interesting possibilities, as it might even mean he’s stronger than Moro. It makes one wonder if he’s capable of time manipulation in the same way that Whis, another Angel, can do; if so, he may be nearly unstoppable.

Considering all this, it’s obvious that Merus outclasses Goku at the moment, though it’s unknown how long that will last. The Dragon Ball franchise is well known for introducing powerful new mentors for Goku to quickly surpass. Having said that, the limits of Merus’s power are still widely unknown, meaning readers will just have to see what happens next to learn the truth.

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