Dragon Ball: Every Z-Warrior’s Most Powerful Attack

In the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku and his friends have access to a wide range of powerful abilities. Here’s the strongest attack of every Z-Warrior.

What is the strongest attack of every Z-Warrior in the Dragon Ball franchise? Goku and his friends have access to a wide range of powerful moves that are utilized across Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super – but they each have one move that’s superior to everything else.

Abilities in the world of Dragon Ball are quite diverse. Many of the characters share the same moves, such as Master Roshi’s Kamehameha, since it’s been taught to most of the heroes at this point in the story. There are actually several shared techniques, like Solar Flare, but there are also moves that are unique to certain characters. For instance, the only hero that can fire the Special Beam Cannon is Piccolo, and no one but Trunks know how to use Burning Attack or Finish Buster.

The Z-Warriors have varying levels of power, with Goku and Vegeta of course being the strongest, and characters like Chiaotzu, Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin rounding out the bottom. But, given their impressive skillset, each hero brings something to the table that’s of use in combat. Here’s the strongest move of every Z-Warrior.

  1. Chiaotzu

In the Saiyan Saga, Chiaotzu became the second Z-Warrior to die in the battle against Nappa and Vegeta by latching onto Nappa’s back and blowing himself up. The point of Chiaotzu’s Self Destruction was to kill Nappa, but his sacrifice amounted to nothing, as Nappa was only somewhat phased. This is since Chiaotzu is the weakest member of the Z-Warriors. Chiaotzu has gotten stronger since then, so this technique would likely be a lot more effective if used again in the future.

2. Yamcha

Yamcha is best known for his Wolf Fang Fist, but he hasn’t properly used the move since the original Dragon Ball, so there’s no telling how powerful the move currently is in the anime. His Spirit Ball, on the other hand, was used by Yamcha in Dragon Ball Z and is arguably his greatest technique. Invented by Yamcha himself, the attack involves Yamcha creating an orb of energy that doesn’t dissipate after colliding with a foe, unlike normal energy blasts. He can control it through telekinesis so that the Spirit Ball can land several consecutive blows on an adversary. Or, it can be used against multiple enemies.

3. Krillin

The Destructo Disc has always been Krillin’s favorite move, as it can literally cut a mountain in half. Krillin made it more dangerous than it already was in the lead-up to the Tournament of Power when he created a version of it that splits off into three discs, rather than just one.

4. Tien

Tien has several useful abilities, namely the Tri-Beam, the Dodon Ray, Solar Flare, and of course his Mult-Form Technique, which lets him create clones of himself. He divides his energy to power these clones, which means that if Tien has four clones, his power level is divided by five. This naturally makes Tien weaker, but being able to outnumber his enemy has obvious advantages. This ability has given him the edge over various past opponents, including Goku, Jiece, Burter, and Universe 2’s Harmira.

5. Master Roshi

Master Roshi has several tools in his arsenal, including his MAX Power Kamehameha, but his best is by far the Evil Containment Wave, which drains his strength each time he uses it. The Evil Containment Wave is a mystical ability that allows Roshi to trap his enemy in a jar. It can be used against the strongest of adversaries, and that’s what makes it so dangerous. It doesn’t even matter if Roshi is using it on someone he has no hope of beating. Roshi almost accidentally ensnared someone as powerful as Vegeta in the Tournament of Power.

6. Android 18

Android 18’s High-Pressure Energy Wave is a strong – and lethal – energy attack that she often employs against enemies at close range. Her future counterpart was able to use it to kill Z-Warriors like Tien. In Dragon Ball Super, it had enough power to force Tupper (one of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers) to let go of Goku, even though he was in a supposedly unmovable state.

7. Android 17

Android 17’s signature move is Android Barrier, a protective orb of energy that 17 can generate around his body. It was his greatest asset in the Tournament of Power, as he was able to use it both offensively and defensively against his enemies. Against Jiren, he formed an Android Barrier around both of them and let loose a huge amount of energy that was able to momentarily weaken the Universe 11 fighter. It only affected Jiren, since the blast was contained by Android Barrier. This technique is known as Grand Explode.

8. Piccolo

Special Beam Cannon is Piccolo’s go-to move when the Z-Warriors need a win. By holding two fingers to his forehead, Piccolo can charge up his energy and release a powerful beam of energy that can penetrate nearly any enemy. It’s strong enough to take down opponents that Piccolo’s physical strength can’t match. It was thanks to this technique that Gohan and Piccolo were able to beat the Universe 6 Namekians.

9. Future Trunks

Future Trunks tried various moves in his attempts to beat Goku Black and Zamasu but was barely able to hold his own against them until he entered the Super Saiyan Rage form. Wielding a broken sword with no blade, Trunks gathered the energy of the people present – similar to the function of Goku’s Spirit Bomb – and created a blade of energy that formed from his sword handle. With the Sword of Hope, Future Trunks destroyed Fused Zamasu, which was the most impressive feat ever accomplished by the Z-Warrior.

10. Gohan

Gohan’s Ultimate Kamehameha is what saved the world from Cell and helped Gohan survive in the Tournament of Power against Universe 10’s Obni and the Universe 6 Namekians. This significantly more powerful variation of the Kamehameha doesn’t compare to what Goku and Vegeta can do – since it couldn’t even affect Top – but it’s still Gohan’s most potent move.

11. Vegeta

Vegeta’s two most famous attacks are Galick Gun and Big Bang Attack, but what beats them both is Final Explosion, which he has only used twice. In the Buu Saga, Vegeta released the energy from his body and self-destructed in a failed effort to defeat Majin Buu. In the Tournament of Power, it became more dangerous when he found a way to use the ability without giving up his life. It was so powerful that Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Vegeta was able to defeat Top in his God of Destruction form.

12. Goku

As the main protagonist, Goku likely has the most moves, but his greatest is the Spirit Bomb. When used to its full potential, it’s more powerful than his Kamehameha. This move, taught to him by King Kai during the Saiyan Saga, is usually a last-ditch effort where Goku is forced to gather the energy of other life forms into a massive ball of blue energy while other Z-Warriors distract or hold off his opponent. When fully charged, Goku releases the Spirit Bomb and watches it do its work. Its power of course depends on Goku’s own strength, and the strength of those who offer him their energy. It was said in the Tournament of Power that if his Spirit Bomb had connected with Jiren (Goku’s most powerful enemy ever), it would have eliminated him.

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