Superman’s Newest Ability Is Straight Out Of Dragon Ball

Superman’s channeled his inner Goku with a special move as he comes face-to-face with one of the deadliest New Gods in the entire universe.

Superman has near unlimited power, as the Man of Steel has gone against the most powerful DC Comics villains and almost always comes out on top. However, when Superman becomes concerned with how powerful his opponents are getting and the aftermath of his battles, he heads to an alien planet where he seeks out training from one of the deadliest beings in the universe.

In the story “The Wrath of Wioska,” by Dave Wielgosz, Miguel Mendoca, David Baron, and Clayton Cowles from Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7, Superman seeks out the alien Wioska for help after a fight with Mongul ends up causing serious damage in Metropolis. He asks Wioska, formerly a New God who’s trained some of the most ruthless killers in Apokolips, to show him how to better handle things. Wioska tells Superman that he’s afraid if he accesses his entire power, he’ll become evil like his villains. As she assesses his ability and uses “the bonds of Yoga Khan” to drain Superman’s power, Wioska tells him he needs to think less like a shield, and more like a fighter.

A training montage ensues, where Wioska pushes Superman to the limit. The comic goes to a market on Gatoshi, where Wioska tells Superman she’s done holding back as she sends an energy blast into a crowd of people. She urges Superman to stop being a shield otherwise she will hurt people. When Wioska sends the powerful energy blast, Superman punches it right back at her. He then grabs her arm and throws her into space causing a massive crater where she lands. The training montage and subsequent deflection might as well be right out of Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball homages don’t stop there. When Superman finally unlocks his full power, it’s like he’s gone full Super Saiyan. While his physical appearance doesn’t fully transform as much as Goku’s does, he clearly levels up as his eyes are fully red and he’s got an energy force surrounding him. He then throws a full energy blast (like an energy punch) at Wioska, as the alien let him know that none of the people in were in danger and that she just wanted to test his full powers. She wisely tells him “power is only as dangerous as the individual who possesses it. Your heart is kind. So your power is virtuous Superman.” It’s safe to say Wioska’s tests worked, as Superman unleashed his full power during the training – it’s the kind of moment fans of Dragon Ball certainly should appreciate.

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