10 Important Details You Didn’t Know About Goku & Vegeta’s Friendship

There are a few things that every fan should know about Goku and Vegeta’s friendship that isn’t emphasized nearly enough in the main series.

Anime has seen many bromances over the years, from Gon and Killua to Naruto and Sasuke, but perhaps none can compare to the friendship between Goku and Vegeta that Dragon Ball fans have followed for decades now. It’s definitely one of the more complex friendships in the franchise, having gone through many stages; at one point, the two were mortal enemies!

And while fans have watched their friendship develop over the course of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, there are a few things that every fan should know about the nature of this friendship that isn’t emphasized nearly enough in the main series.

  1. Vegeta Has Only Called Goku By His Saiyan Name

Even though Goku is an Earthling at heart, Vegeta has refused to acknowledge him by the name that Grandpa Gohan gave him.

He’s always called Goku “Kakarot”, his Saiyan name, for as long as they’ve known each other. Surprisingly, Goku never really attempts to correct him.

2. They’ve Constantly Used One Another As Inspiration To Train Harder

For most of Goku and Vegeta’s friendship, the two were rivals more than anything, and most of the time, both fighters used the goal of surpassing the other as an excuse to train harder than they’d ever trained before.

When Vegeta and Goku first met in battle, it was clear that Vegeta was stronger, but after letting him escape, Goku promised that he would push himself even further to be able to defeat Vegeta on his own should the Saiyan prince ever return to Earth, looking for revenge. After Goku became the first Super Saiyan in years, Vegeta trained relentlessly until he himself was also able to access the transformation. This trend continued throughout the series, with both warriors pushing their own limits to outdo the other, and continued even in Dragon Ball Super, with Vegeta deciding to endure Whis’s harsh training to surpass Goku and unlock god powers of his own.

3. The Moment They Officially Became Buddies

Goku and Vegeta spent most of their time as rivals to the other. They only worked together because it was in their best interests. The defeat of Kid Buu marked the official progression of their relationship from rivals to true friends. It was the first time they’d actually managed to stop a major villain together, and with Vegeta finally accepting Goku as the best, he had no reason to treat Goku with the slight aura of disdain that he had always done before this moment.

From that point on, a lot of the tension that existed between them was no more, and it became hard to believe that the two weren’t always friends after seeing just how comfortable they were around one another in Dragon Ball Super.

4. Vegeta’s Keeping Goku’s Biggest Secret…

It’s no secret that Goku has a pretty big mouth; he often blurts out the first thing that comes to his mind. Vegeta, on the other hand, is a man who won’t hesitate to take a secret to the grave. After Goku and Hit had their rematch on Earth, everyone wondered just who could’ve hired the Universe 6 assassin for a hit job on Goku. While many of the others figured out that Goku put the hit on himself, Chi-Chi was left in the dark, thinking that it was Frost.

Goku begged Vegeta to never tell her the truth, and so far, he’s kept his word. Chi-Chi knows nothing, but if Vegeta ever spills the beans, Goku will have to face Chi-Chi’s rage on his own, a force so strong that it makes Hit look like child’s play.

5. The First Time They Agreed On Something…

Goku and Vegeta have rarely agreed, arguing over the smallest things at times, but they finally reached an agreement shortly after overcoming Golden Frieza.

When Goku brought up the possibility of the two practicing cooperative strategies, Vegeta refused, and Goku was relieved that they’d finally agreed on something for once.

6. They Can Work Together While Exchanging Few Words

While they might not want to admit it, Goku and Vegeta are superb duos. They fought together against powerful fighters like Kid Buu, Fused Zamasu, the warriors of Universe 9, Jiren, and Broly. And while it’s always a pleasure to see the two team up on an enemy, fans will be shocked to learn that they don’t really converse with one another whenever they’re forced to work together.

As a result of fighting each other more than once and observing one another’s battles, the two seem completely in sync and can execute complex strategies without the need to discuss them beforehand. This was clearly demonstrated during the Tournament of Power during their battle with Jiren. After powering up, their combined assault managed to push him back, much to his own astonishment.

7. Their Deaths Were Very Similar

What’s more, is that their deaths had some similarities. Goku first died at the hands of Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, with the beam going directly through his body, killing him. Vegeta was killed by Frieza’s Death Beam, an attack that, while not as big as the Special Beam Cannon, pierced his chest in a similar fashion.

Goku’s second death came after Cell self-destructed, while Vegeta’s second death was a result of his Final Explosion attack, in which the Saiyan self-destructed, dying in the ensuing explosion that destroyed his physical body as well.

8. Goku And Vegeta Have Both Died Twice

Most characters in Dragon Ball have died at least once, but thanks to the Dragon Balls, death is only temporary.

Over the course of the franchise, both Saiyans have died twice, a commonality that they don’t talk about enough.

9. Vegeta Has Saved Goku’s Life More Times

Although Goku and Vegeta weren’t always friends, the two have saved one another’s lives on several occasions. While Vegeta doesn’t seem like the heroic type, he’s actually saved Goku a lot more times than Goku saved him. Sure, Goku stopped Krillin from killing Vegeta in the first place, and both Cell and Frieza from killing Vegeta (and everyone else on Earth) in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super respectively, but Vegeta’s done a lot more for Goku’s well-being throughout the franchise.

He saved Goku from Android 19, not to mention that he knocked Goku out before his fight with Majin Buu so that Goku wouldn’t have to die in that battle as well. After Goku was downed by Sorbet, Vegeta ensured that Goku could be retrieved and given a Senzu Bean after his brush with death, and when Goku and Future Trunks were beaten down by Zamasu and Goku Black, it was Vegeta’s last-minute Final Flash that disrupted their finishing move. Even in the Tournament of Power, he rushed to Goku’s aid during his fight against Universe 9’s Trio de Dangers. He also gave Goku the last of his energy before falling out of the ring, and it was this energy that enabled Goku to withstand Jiren’s assault before he tapped into Ultra Instinct for the last time in the series.

10. Goku And Vegeta Have Never Finished A Battle Against Each Other All The Way Through

It might be hard to believe, but Goku and Vegeta have only fought one another twice before (their casual sparring in Dragon Ball Super doesn’t count). Their first battle was interrupted by Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobe, who came to Goku’s rescue after Vegeta transformed into a Great Ape. Their second fight, after Vegeta had been possessed by Babidi, had no clear victor, and instead, was cut short by Majin Buu’s resurrection.

Though Vegeta technically got the jump on Goku and knocked him out, there’s no saying that the battle would’ve ended this same way if the two were allowed to fight to the bitter end uninterrupted, especially since Goku was hiding a powerful transformation under his belt the entire time. Hopefully, the two can have another battle, where they can be allowed to settle their longstanding score.

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