Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s New Powers Explained (& Why They’re Perfect)

After undergoing rigorous training, Vegeta has powered up dramatically in Dragon Ball Super. Here’s what he can do and why it suits his character.

Here’s how Vegeta’s new powers work in Dragon Ball Super and why they’re the perfect addition to his character. Moro is the current antagonist in the Dragon Ball Super manga, and this energy-munching magic-user has left his devastating mark on Universe 7. Breaking free from a long stint inside a Galactic Patrol prison cell, Moro has been busy consuming entire planets to boost his power and restore his youthful good looks. The goat-like Moro has already defeated Goku and Vegeta by draining the pair’s energy and depriving them of their Saiyan transformations, and this meant both characters had to undergo rigorous training to prepare for the inevitable rematch.

While Goku opted for Ultra Instinct coaching from Merus, Vegeta ventured to Yardrat – the very planet where Goku learned his signature Instant Transmission technique. Once Vegeta’s training was finally complete and Moro’s attack on Earth had commenced, the Saiyan prince was ready for Round 2 and confidently teased a brand new ability. Very begrudgingly, Vegeta used a one-off Instant Transmission to transport himself to the battlefield (a massive sign of progression in itself), but when the fight started, the results of Vegeta’s time away weren’t immediately clear.

Watching Vegeta fight Moro, the onlooking Piccolo and Gohan could sense the Saiyan’s increased strength but be largely underwhelmed. That was until Moro rapidly began to leak speed and power. Recognized by Goku and confirmed by Vegeta, this new power is called Forced Spirit Fission. The ability works by exorcising (or in Vegeta’s case, beating) stolen energy out of an opponent – especially useful against those who absorb ki. Vegeta released the energy Moro had accumulated from countless others and returned it to its rightful owners across the galaxy. With a gleeful smile, Vegeta also pointed out that the technique can reverse the effects of Fusion, suggesting he could separate Piccolo from Nail and Kami if he so wished.

Forced Spirit Fission is perfectly suited to Vegeta’s stubborn personality and plays off his villainous history in the Dragon Ball series. Vegeta deeply regretted accepting an artificial power boost from Babidi during the Majin Buu saga and resolved to only rely on his own strength thereafter. Vegeta also criticized Toppo for relinquishing personal goals in exchange for God of Destruction abilities during the Tournament of Power. Even now, Vegeta detests having to fuse with Goku and would always rather rely on his own power to win. Because of this, a technique that allows him to pare an opponent down to their own core strength makes total sense for Vegeta. The Saiyan isn’t stealing Moro’s power, and nor is he draining Moro’s natural abilities – he’s just leveling the playing field to a fair one vs. one fight.

The Forced Spirit Fission technique allows Vegeta some degree of redemption for past misdeeds. Once upon a time, Vegeta would take lives as happily as Moro, and the weight of those sins clearly bears down on the Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super. With this new power, however, Vegeta can restore life rather than take it for the very first time. It’s also interesting how Forced Spirit Fission is the polar opposite of Goku’s Spirit Bomb, which borrows energy from others for a massive one-off attack. This further highlights the contrasting styles of the two protagonists.

Forced Spirit Fission would’ve proven incredibly useful back in the Dragon Ball Z days. A large portion of Cell’s power came from absorbing Androids 17 and 18. If Vegeta’s new technique could separate Piccolo and Nail, perhaps it could’ve pummeled Cell down to his base form too. Meanwhile, Majin Buu absorbed and consumed a host of powerful beings during his lifetime; this technique could’ve expelled a lot of them. But the Vegeta of old was a markedly different character to his current incarnation, and likely wouldn’t have shown enough patience to learn the teachings of Yardrat. More than anything, Forced Spirit Fission proves just how much Vegeta has grown as a character… even if he does still lose in the end.

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