Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Kale

Dragon Ball Super gave fans of the franchise a lot of moments to be happy about, but the character of Kale did not really make much sense.

It’s no surprise that much of Dragon Ball Super is fan-service: the return of Frieza, Vegito, and Future Trunks were things that fans begged for even back in the days of Dragon Ball Z. Still, despite all of these things, nothing could overtop the joy fans felt when it was confirmed that they’d be getting their first female Super Saiyans in the franchise.

One of these Saiyans, Kale, served as a remake of Dragon Ball Z’s version of Broly. While she was a nice addition to the series, there’s a lot about Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan that doesn’t really make a lot of sense the more we think about it. Below are just ten things that just make her seem a bit less legendary.

  1. She Wasn’t Invited To The Tournament Of Destroyers

After realizing that Universe 7’s Tournament of Destroyers team would feature two powerful Saiyans (Goku and Vegeta), Champa sought Saiyans for Universe 6’s team as well when he and Beerus organized a tournament amongst themselves. It would’ve made sense for him to grab two Saiyans as well, but instead, he only chose Cabba.

While nobody knew about Kale’s hidden potential back then, Caulifla should’ve also been scouted, and since spectators were allowed, Kale would’ve certainly come to watch the fights (maybe even participate if Universe 6 required a last-minute sub).

2. She Wasn’t Eliminated By Jiren’s Attack

When Kale first transformed during the Tournament of Power, she completely lost it. Jiren stepped in to stop her before she could do too much damage, hitting her with a powerful attack that reverted her to her base form. Throughout the tournament, the Universe 11 Pride Trooper didn’t waste time with a few opponents that stepped up to him, like Maji Kayo and Hit.

As strong as Kale was, it would’ve made sense for him to send her out of the ring so that she wouldn’t be a threat to any more of his comrades. There’s no good reason why his attack didn’t send her off the stage. Not only that, but after taking such a devastating blow from Jiren, Kale shouldn’t even have been able to move much at all.

3. Her Indiscriminate Attacks Didn’t Eliminate More Fighters In The Anime

In the manga, Kale was responsible for eliminating a ton of fighters. In the anime, however, her rampage didn’t do nearly as much damage. At the time of her first transformation, the Tournament of Power was still in its early stages, meaning that a lot of fighters were still in play.

It makes no sense that Kale’s Blaster Meteor attack only took out Universe 10’s Method. There were tons of other fighters who also weren’t physically adept enough to dodge such a devastating move.

4. She Learned To Control Her Power So Easily

Saiyans have never really had it easy when it came to controlling and accessing their new transformations. Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan transformation is a special case since the enormous boost in strength has a dramatic shift on her personality. She becomes a literal monster, attacking anyone close to her.

When Goku first transformed into a Super Saiyan, he warned Gohan that he might lose what little sanity he had left, and when Gohan first transformed, the rush of emotion coursing through made it difficult to control the newfound power. The fact that Kale’s transformation resulted in such an unstable mental shift should make it doubly hard for her to control it, but it didn’t take much for her to get a grip. In reality, it should’ve taken her weeks of training (and possibly therapy) to learn how to harness her power so well.

5. She Can Sustain A Super Saiyan Transformation For So Long

It’s common knowledge that Super Saiyan transformations don’t run on infinite energy (even if Xenoverse 2 makes it look that way). Being that Kale’s Legendary Super Saiyan form was so powerful, she shouldn’t have been able to sustain it for as long as she did in the anime.

Even if this can be attributed to a large number of S-Cells she possesses, after she was struck by Jiren, she should’ve been too weak to access her full power.

6. Her Portrayal In The Anime

Dragon Ball Super’s anime and manga share major plot points, but the two are very different from one another in terms of what actually happens to get to these events. In the anime, Kale is depicted as a complete pushover, and her power only explodes to the surface when someone gets in the way of her bond with Caulifla.

In the manga, long before she went Super Saiyan, she was already aware of her abilities, using the speed that Cabba nor Caulifla could track to protect Caulifla on a few occasions. It was this version of Kale who chose to keep her abilities hidden from Caulifla. In all honestly, her portrayal in the manga makes a more realistic, active character.

Characters like Broly and Gohan occasionally made use of their dormant powers long before they knew how to fight, so it makes no sense that Kale, at her age, would have this great power sleeping within her and not have a clue about its existence. There should’ve been other moments in her life where she lost control of her emotions to learn that she was a lot stronger than she looked. Her legendary abilities shouldn’t have been more of a shock to her than it was to the viewers themselves.

7. She’s Following Someone Like Caulifla

Evident by Caulifa’s ominous hideout, it became clear that she was something of a troublemaker. To this day, it’s baffling as to why someone like Kale would join forces with her, or why she’d even be allowed to in the first place. Though the two have a deeper history than what has been revealed, their personalities don’t seem compatible at all.

8. She Had This Hidden Power That Nobody Knew About

It’s not hard to believe that Kale, a shy, often overlooked girl, had this hidden power slumbering deep within her. In Dragon Ball, this has been a common motif. Gohan was similar, remaining quite reserved while also holding a hidden power within him.

Still, he showed glimpses of this power long before it exploded to the surface during his fight with Cell. Those closest to her (Caulifla) should’ve been able to detect her slumbering power long before she transformed for the first time.

9. Her Super Saiyan 2 Form Wasn’t Enough For A Fatigued Goku

When Kale and Caulifla double-teamed Goku, he was still recovering after his recent bout with Jiren, slowly regaining his energy as the fight went on. Despite getting a few good hits in, Kale and Caulifla just couldn’t knock Goku off the arena.

It made no sense that Kale, now stronger than she was when she and Goku first fought, couldn’t defeat Goku when he was running on fumes. It’s a testament to Goku’s experience, as well as to Dragon Ball Super’s inconsistencies.

10. She Was Able To Trade Blows With Super Saiyan Blue Goku

When it was revealed that Kale would be a female version of Dragon Ball Z’s Broly, fans knew they could expect some callbacks to the original Broly many of them fell in love with. Nobody could forget when Broly walked through Goku’s Kamehameha, so it wasn’t surprising that during the Tournament of Power, Kale did the same. The only issue was that it was a Super Saiyan Blue Goku that had launched that Kamehameha.

Even if he was holding back, the fact that he was in his Super Saiyan Blue form, which should be leagues above any transformation Kale had under her belt, should’ve damaged her a lot more than it did. She definitely shouldn’t have been able to walk right through it with such ease. This merely undermines all of the training and hard work that Goku has put in for years to get to where he is now.

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