Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: All Boulder Locations (Demolition Artist Trophy)

Finding the hidden boulders of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a difficult and frustrating task. However, this guide will provide the location of each rock.

Retelling the events of the classic anime, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot presents the series’s story in a visually appealing and engaging manner. With an art style and visual direction that presents the fan-favorite characters and battles amazingly. The title makes use of RPG elements to allow players to level up, gain access to powerful party characters, and gain access to new and improved abilities. Kakarot pits players against the ever-increasing difficulty of the anime villains, starting from the Saiyan Saga and ending in the climatic Buu Saga. Players will be forced to engage in high-speed, white-knuckle, and incredibly satisfying combat, fighting every enemy from the Saibamen all the way to Perfect Cell. With a variety of characters to choose from, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot spoils its player base for choice, making it one of the most satisfactory Dragon Ball Z games ever made, and also one of the best single-player games available.

Kakarot provides its players with a breadth of amazing and engaging unlockables, characters, missions and side-missions, and trophies to aim for. One of these trophies is the Demolition Artist Trophy, which pits players against ten boulders spread throughout the map. Players are forced to break these boulders down to unlock the trophy, a task more difficult than it sounds. These rocks are cleverly hidden throughout the map and will stump even the most cunning Saiyans when searching for them. This guide aims to present players with every boulder’s location and the best place to find them. Placing players one step closer to finding and breaking every boulder, and getting access to the Demolition Artist Trophy

Where To Find All The Boulders In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Before a player can begin his search for the Boulders hidden throughout Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, it is important that they know both, what these boulders look like, and how to break them. These boulders are large rocks with a series of cracks placed in the middle of the stone and spider-webs outwards. These rocks will be alien compared to some of the stones in the game, so finding one will not be a difficult task.

To break these large rocks a player simply needs to punch the rock. This will result in the large stone shattering to pieces allowing players into the cave that it protects.

Boulders in the Southeast Mountain Area

The first Boulder is near Goku’s house in the South Eastern section of the map. This section of the map is found on the right side of the continent. You will encounter a large waterfall nearby and the boulder in question will be to its right. Punch through the rock and add to your list of broken boulders.

The second Boulder in this section of the Map is found in a canyon nearby Goku’s House. Directly in front of the provided boulder is a Black Meteorite, so use this to help you find the Boulder.

The third Boulder is found embedded into a mountainside directly to the left of Goku’s house. It will be directly above the coast found in the most Southern part of this particular location.

The fourth Boulder is found nearby Keilin Village. Head to the given location and it will be directly underneath the landmark found embedded in the large canyon south of the Village.

Boulders in the East Ravine Area

Finding the First Boulder will require players to head to Lucca Village and head down from the location. The first boulder will be found in a wide desert-like area, embedded into a rock fixture.

The second Boulder in the East Ravine area will be nearby Lucca Village but further down the given river. After heading south down the river players will find the boulder near a solitary tree embedded into the rocks of the riverbank.

Boulders in the West Forest Area

Head to the Sacred Land of Korin area and head to the furthest most left section of the area. Once there head straight down and fly towards the rock structure that makes a right-angled curve. You will find the boulder fixed into the mountainside.

The second boulder will be found on the furthest right side of the forest and stuck between the two mountains placed side-by-side. This particular mountain range looks like a human face on the mini-map (if you look hard enough) and head there and claim your boulder.

Finding all the Boulder in the Central Plains

Head to the Gizard Wasteland within the Central Plains location. The first boulder will be found directly beside a wind tunnel near the center of the map.

Finding the Boulder in the Continent Center

Head to the Kodaiho Lands and head to the furthest most right section of the area. You will find a large mountainous area where a yellow meteorite can be found. The boulder will be wedged inside the mountain and will be the last boulder on a player’s list.

After you have successfully broken the hidden boulders in the world, you will be met with the Demolition Artist Trophy, one which not many players can say is in their possession. There is some pride to be had when a player says that they have met the requirements of this trophy. Given the difficulty of finding these boulders, saying that you have this trophy in your possession is an accomplishment in itself.

This is one of the many trophies to strive towards within the world of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Adding onto its ever-growing list of reasons to replay the game. Making it not only one of the best Dragon Ball Z games ever made, but also one of the most content-filled single-player games available on the modern market. Solidifying it as a must-have for fans of the series and of RPG titles.

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