Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Here are beginner tips and tricks for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle to help new players started on the right note, by examining important gameplay parts.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game that lets players experience the Dragon Ball Z saga by playing as characters from the hit anime and battling various opponents. The game has been steadily updating and adding new content, such as characters from Dragon Ball Super since it launched in 2015. But for new players, there is a lot to take in if they are new to the experience.

Luckily, there are tips and tricks to help players start Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the right note. Here are beginner tips and tricks for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Leader Skills In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle features team-based, card-like gameplay where players create a team of their favorite DBZ characters to fight against their opponents. Doing this provides players with a variety of different perks, including leadership skills. Leader skills are bonuses granted to a team depending on who the team leader is, which is the first card in the team.

These skills can benefit the rest of the team as long as the skill is used with the correct character. There are a variety of different leadership skills and it’s up to players to look at the various skills and what characters they work with.

Passive Skills In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Passive skills are abilities that activate when certain conditions are met during battle. Each character card has its own passive skill that activates when certain scenarios are met. The different effects vary, such as healing damage and increasing ally ki.

These effects can ultimately benefit a player’s entire roster if and when used correctly. It is up to players to learn the different abilities of each card. Before choosing their characters, players should look at each one individually to see what they bring to their team. Passive skills can benefit one character and one team in the end.

Super Attacks In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Super attacks are special attacks that activate when characters generate 12 Ki. Like passive skills, each character has super attacks that vary from card to card. Additionally, other effects can be added to super attacks, such as increased damage. Players will need to investigate further what every character’s specific attack does.

Certain characters have the ability to possess two special attacks or to activate attacks with less than 12 Ki. Every character cards’ perks will be a determining factor in what characters a player will select, and special attacks are one of those perks.

Link Skills In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Links skills are effects that activate when two cards with the same ability are placed next to each other. The skills’ effects vary from card to card, so players will need to search through their cards to determine what to utilize during matches. These effects include stat and Ki boosts as well as other bonuses.

Certain link skills have prerequisites that need to be met for activating. That is something players should be especially careful with when choosing their cards. Some cards work better together than others, so players need to be extra cautious.

Active Skills In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Active skills are the most powerful abilities that only a few characters have. These effects only turn on when certain conditions are met, and each ability differs from card to card. These effects include special transformations and high-damage attacks.

Since these skills only apply to a select number of cards, players will have to really delve deep into the different characters with these powers. Saiyan characters, such as Goku for example, will have the Super Saiyan transformation ability activated if the correct conditions are met. Again, these requirements will need to be investigated further when choosing characters.

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