Top 3 Villains Goku Has Killed In The Dragon Ball Franchise

The Dragon Ball’s lead character, Goku is known for his hilarious acts, extraordinary abilities, and mercy. However, the Super Saiyan carries an insane craze to safeguard the world and his family. Goku has killed numerous villains in the Dragon Ball franchise.

So today we will have a look at the top 3 evil characters whom the Super Saiyan turned into ashes – 

#3 King Piccolo 

All Dragon Ball anime lovers remember the epic fight between King Piccolo and Goku. The super Saiyan killed King Piccolo, striking him straight through his body. King Piccolo, often termed as the first villain in the Dragon Ball franchise was killed by Goku within a fraction of seconds after a bloody encounter. 

#2 Buu 

Buu was one of the most deadly enemies the world has ever witnessed. When every other Saiyan failed to register a win against the mysterious creature, Goku came to the rescue. After a long fight, Goku finally demolished the evil Kid Buu, with his spirit bomb. 

#1 Frieza 

Goku eviscerates Freiza in Resurrection F, when the villain destroys Earth and in a few moments of rewind, Goku turns the deadliest evil into ashes. This is one of the most epic wins of Goku over the fiercest monster in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

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