Top 5 Techniques Goku Have Learned From Other Characters!!

Goku is one of the most powerful super saiyans in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, the journey of Goku from his base form to Super Saiyan God is something astonishing for the viewers. What makes him superior to most Saiyans is his ability to observe, adapt and learn new techniques. 

Right from the first Dragon Ball story arc, Son Goku has learnt different techniques, which helped him to climb the ladder of power. In every series, we found Goku training and growing to get stronger and stronger. 

So, today we have picked top 5 moves Goku has learned from other characters in the Dragon Ball franchise – 

#5 Instant Transmission (The Yardrats)

After the explosion of Namek, Goku landed on Yardrats, a mysterious planet with even more mysterious creatures, who possess some unbelievable abilities. Living with them for over a year, Goku mastered the Instant Transmission, through which he could quickly teleport to different locations. 

#4 Fusion Dance (The Metamorans)

The fusion dance which helped Goku to overshadow Buu, is a technique he learned in the afterlife with Super Saiyan 3. He picked up this technique during his stint being dead for over seven years. 

#3 Potara Fusion (Rou Kaioshin)

It’s one of the coolest techniques Goku learned from another race. It’s pretty simple, the fusion participants simply put an earring that gathers their powers. Goku and Vegeta transformed themselves into Vegetto and killed Buu in the Goku Black arc. 

#2 Mafuba (Muten Roshi)

Although the Mafuba technique was introduced earlier in Dragon Ball, Goku did not have much interaction with the ability. However, in Dragon Ball Super, Goku inherited it from Roshi to defeat Zamasu. 

#1 Hakai (Beerus)

During one of the most deadly fights in Dragon Ball Universe, Goku delivers a Hakai to turn merged Zamasu into ashes. However, Son Goku is never shown learning the Hakai technique. But, the Super Saiyan referred to Beerus while pulling off Hakai.

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