Top 3 Dragon Ball Canon Super Saiyan Transformations!!

Dragon Ball canon is loaded with Super Saiyan transformations. The concept of Super Saiyan has turned out to be a gem in Akira Toriyama’s anime for the last few decades. However, there are various myths related to Super Saiyan. 

So, today we will unwrap the top 3 Canon Super Saiyan Transformations in the Dragon Ball franchise – 

#1 Super Saiyan 3 

Although Super Saiyan 3 has not been featured in the Dragon Ball franchise for a long time, it still is one of the coolest transformations of all time. Goku introduced the form in the Buu saga and the angry young look, combined with long golden hairs and missing eyebrows was admired by the audience. To date, we have only seen Goku and Gotenks attain this form. 

#2 Super Saiyan God 

The Super Saiyan God form was introduced in the Dragon Ball’s Battle of Gods movie. With the entrance of Lord Beerus, Goku unlocked this form. Unlike the other transformations, the only way to attain his form was a spirit of cooperation. Goku transformed in his form via the exchange of energy between 5 Saiyans. 

#3 Super Saiyan Blue 

The introduction of the Super Saiyan God form was a surprise for the fans. However, it did not stay long as the Super Saiyan Blue transformation quickly replaced it. In this transformation, there is an explosion of energy with the regular golden Super Saiyan form combining with the God ki of its predecessor. 

#4 Evolved Super Saiyan Blue 

Vegeta’s jealously towards Goku attaining Ultra Instrict form pushes him to unlock a new level of Super Saiyan Blue form. Vegeta realized that his aggression and fighting style will not line with the calmness required to attain Ultra Instinct transformations. So, he pushed out his Super Saiyan Blue form to reach new levels. 

#5 Legendary Super Saiyan 

The Legendary Super Saiyan: Broly made his official debut in the Dragon Ball Canon in 2018. In this form, Broly can unlock new heights of power of Super Saiyan, which allows him to emit a green aura. 



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