Why The Dragon Ball Evolution Movie Failed To Impress The Anime Fans?

In the last few years, the Dragon Ball anime films and series have garnered a huge response from fans. Several movies have bagged incredible ratings and have created immense hype among the fans. However, the live-action adaptation of the franchise, Dragon Ball Evolution failed to impress the viewer. 

So, exactly what were the weak points of the movie that made it a flop? Let’s check it out. 

#1 Lack Of Relevant Story 

Coming from director Stephen Chow, who was not much aware of the Dragon Ball story, the movie lacked proper presentation of the story. Almost all pieces appeared to be shattered, and the mythology was completely changed. The basic idea of the movie was loosely picked from the original Dragon Ball’s King Piccolo Saga. However, extra modifications and changes have made the end products less impressive for the fans. 

#2 Blunder In Casting 

The Dragon Ball story introduced two eras – one presents Goku’s childhood, while the other depicts his adult life. However, Dragon Ball Evolution is another to deliver something out-of-the-box that has altered the complete story. It features the cast like Goku and his friends as youngsters or rather teenagers. This has changed the dynamics of every character, their presence, and their personality. Moreover, the cast selected was not up to the mark as most of the cast delivered below-average performance. 

#3 Wrong Starting Point 

Although the start of the story with the King Piccolo saga is crystal clear, as we proceed it turns to a huge blunder. The starting appears halfway which depicts that Dragon Ball Evolution picked up Goku’s story from the middle. The creators have simply overstuffed backgrounds to deliver context, but it ruptures the flow.

Source – cbr.com

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