How To Survive In The Vegeta Battle? Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

With the popularity of the Dragon Ball Z franchise reaching new heights, tons of games are popping out in the market. Some present an edge of premium graphics, while some cover the complete story offer seamless entertainment. 

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the latest entries in the gaming world. With several storylines and exciting DBZ characters, it’s a treat for anime lovers. However, while enjoying the game most players find it difficult to win the Vegeta Battle stage. So, today’s we are here to present you with some tips to get over the stage in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Tip 1 – Analyse Vegeta’s Attacks 

The initial step to winning the battle is to monitor Vegeta’s moves. He is one of the most powerful characters in the DBZ franchise. Therefore, his attacks are extremely damaging. Vegeta carries an arsenal with a wide range of attacks. One of his robots attacks is his roundhouse-style kicking. Never ever try to hit Vegeta when you notice this cue startup. Stay at a safe distance. 

Make sure to be aware of Vegeta’s two ki blast attacks. The first is his ki blast barrage, in which he delivers an array of powerful shots. While his second is ki slash attack. So, make sure to move left and right to avoid these attacks. Vegeta’s Galick Gun is also another deadly move to be 100% aware of these moves while dealing with the aggressive Saiyan. 

Tip 2 – Fighting Hacks 

While you encounter the aggressive Super Saiyan, it’s important to utilize both brain and power. You must have the essential aggression to line up his power and moves. Be aware of Vegeta’s “get off me” moves. After Vegeta casts Ki slash, he is extremely vulnerable to counter strikes. So, analyze which moves to place him to recovery mode, and play your master card accordingly to improve your winning chances. 

Tip 3 – Dominate The Great Ape In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 

After Vegeta has pushed his limits in human form, he transforms to the Great Ape form to grab insane powers. While you are combating the Ape form, make sure to save yourself from the powerful beam strikes as this attack possesses the potential to wipe off Goku. 

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