Why The Frieza Saga Death Is The Best Moment For Vegeta?

Vegeta is one of the fan-favorite characters in Dragon Ball. Being a prominent character in the manga, the Super Saiyan has shared tons of memorable moments with the fans. Whether it’s his jealousy towards Kakarot or his ability to train, the audience is impressed by Vegeta on several occasions. However, nothing beats his Frieza Saga Death Scene. 

For a bunch of episodes of Frieza Saga, some main characters of the show like Piccolo, Gohan, and more teamed up with Vegeta, trying to defeat Frieza. However, before Goku stepped into the scene Frieza killed Vegeta tragically. 

After his villainous role in the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta turned out to be one of the most heroic characters in Dragon Ball. So, after his heartbreaking death, he was revived by the Dragon Ball heroes and he became a prominent part of the group. 

Vegeta’s death moments in the Frieza Saga are something that emotionally connected to the fans. The stubborn warrior for the first time declared that his greatest rival Goku is the true Super Saiyan. In his dying moments, he motivated Goku and explained to him why leaving behind his principle is important to defeat Frieza. He explained that even Goku’s father – Bardock was obliterated by the monster several years ago. His eyes full of tears expressed his pain at the humiliation of his planet and the people by Frieza. 

The audience was pretty impressed witnessing the cold-blooded and calm form of Vegeta. With this scene, the popularity of Vegeta boosted to great heights, and he turned out to be a hero in Dragon Ball. 

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