Top 3 Dragon Ball Gifts That Are Over 9000!!

If you are a Dragon Ball lover, the golden hours are here. It’s time to show your love for your favorite Dragon Ball characters and grab some exclusive merchandise. With tons of video games, mech, figurines, and more, there are over 9000 choices for the fans. But today we have picked the top 3 best Dragon Ball gifts – 

#1 Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta Figure 

The introduction of Gogeta in Dragon Ball Super Broly was something surprising for the fans. If you have witnessed the movie in 3D, nothing can beat that experience. Gogeta is one of the coolest characters with incredible power, it carries the arrogance of Vegeta and the hilarious activities of Goku which makes it highly popular. So, what will be better than an 8.3 figure of his awesome character? 

#2 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 

The insane follow-up of the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse allows the players to create any character from the five races (Majin, Human, Saiyan, and Freiza). The game introduces tons of modes to entertain the player. So for the DBZ fans looking for the most premium as well as cheap gift, this can be the ideal choice. 

#3 Dragon Ball FighterZ Day One Edition 

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the top-rated 2.5D combat games based on the anime. It’s a single-player story mode game that revives some epic moments from the show. Loaded with tons of fan-favorite characters this can be the best Dragon Ball gift. 

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