Vegeta Is Smarter Than Goku – Expect In One Way

Friendly rivalries are always fun to watch. However, the ultimate feuds and rivalries in the most popular anime, Dragon Ball, are pretty entertaining for the fans. The iconic competition of strength between the two superstars Goku and Vegeta has always been one of the hot topics of debate for the fans. While their race of becoming the best Super Saiyan in terms of power impresses the audience. 

Although we all know being the lead character of the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku is more powerful than Vegeta. Have you ever think who is smarter between the two? No doubt Vegeta is more tactical and genius in terms of battle strategies. While Goku is known for surprising insights. But still, the question remains. Well, in his battle too, Goku leads, as what gives him an upper hand is his wisdom. 

Growing up as a simple country boy with his adoptive grandpa, Goku spent his childhood in isolation at Mount Paozu, where he was not much familiar with human acts. While Vegeta, on the other hand, Vegeta being a royal family member, learned the art of discipline. 

In Dragon Ball Super, Whis the martial arts teacher of Goku and Vegeta summarized the differences between the mental abilities of the two Saiyans. During the practice session, while Vegeta was planning each move and preparing himself for the next attacks, it’s making him more confident. But, it was barring him from the free flow of the fight and thus he failed to achieve the Ultra Instinct form. On the other hand, Goku is a free soul who was enjoying his fights and going with the flow, which pushed him to attain the powerful transformation. 

Therefore, we can say that Vegeta has a long road to cover to achieve omnipresent serenity and mental stability, like Goku. 

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