Dragon Ball: Top 5 Crazy Facts About Goku And His Family!!

The Dragon Ball franchise covers most of the family members of Goku including his grandfather, parents, brother, cousins, wife, in-laws, and children. All these characters have their respective roles. While some add a pinch of humor to the plot, others make it more intense. 

Well, you admit it or not, the Dragon Ball franchise stands on Goku’s shoulders. The series is completely devoted to the life of a monkey-tailed boy, Goku, and his family. With the main focus on Goku and his beloved people. 

So, today we have picked up the top 5 crazy facts on Goku and his family – 

#1 Gohan’s Name 

Believe it or not, Saiyans are not so creative. Yes, they are incredibly creative and have a strategic mind on the battlefield. But when it comes to family affairs they fail to deliver impressive results. So, Goku named his son after his Grandpa Gohan. When Chi-Chi talked about grandpa Gohan, their son seemed happy. So he was also named Gohan. 

#2 Chi-Chi Has Fought With Every Member Of Goku’s Family 

Chi-Chi has practiced the basic martial arts for a long. She got trained by her father since childhood. Even she tried her hands in the World Martial Arts tournament showcasing her skills. She fought her future husband Goku in the tournament. In the Dragon Ball Z filler arc, she also fought her son. In Garlic Jr. saga, Chi-Chi attacked Gohan due to the Black Water Mist effect. Chi-Chi also fought with Gotenks to train him. 

#3 Same Woman Voiced Bardock, Goku, Gohan, and Goten

Sean Schemmel, the American voice artist, is the voice behind the prominent characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. However, in Japan, Masako Bozawa another famous voice artist lent his voice to the characters for a long in the original Dragon Ball series. 

#4 The Mystery Of Goku’s Mother 

The identity of Goku’s mom is a mystery. We know Goku’s dad Bardock, but his mom has never been seen in the anime. However, she had made some appearances in some popular video games and in Akira Toriyama’s manga, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. The manga occasions walked parallel to the life of Dragon Ball characters. 

#5 Goku And Superman 

All the Dragon Ball and DC comics falls have compared Goku and Superman for a long. Their entry on Earth seems to be similar. Both the characters were shifted to Earth from alien planets, which were eventually destroyed. Bardock, Goku’s father knew Freiza’s plan to demolish the planet. Similarly, Superman’s father, Jor-El was aware that their planet was on the verge of extinction. 

Source – cbr.com

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