Top 5 Fun Facts About Dragon Ball Z That Will Amaze You

For the last few decades, Dragon Ball Z has been the most popular anime creations around the world. With its debut in 1984, the manga has created hype among fans. Son Goku and his cast garnered incredible love and support from the audience, and Dragon Ball Z turned out to be one of the legendary creations of Akira Toriyama. 

So, if you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, we have the top 5 fun facts on the franchise that will definitely blow your mind – 

#1 No Female Super Saiyans 

All the female Dragon Ball Z lovers were mostly disappointed due to the absence of a female Super Saiyan throughout the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Akira Toriyama revealed that it’s not sexism on his part, rather he was unable to understand how a female super Saiyan will fit into the story. 

#2 Goku And Freiza’s First Encounter Was The Longest In Anime History 

The first combat between Goku and Freiza was almost four hours long, which makes it the lengthiest in anime history. However, due to the bad reviews of the fans, later the creators opted for more intense and fast fight scenes. 

#3 Voice Actors Often Got Fainted From Exertion 

Every Dragon Ball fan loves to hear the roars of incredible power from their favorite heroes. However, the masters behind these extraordinary scenes suffered a lot. They often fainted due to exertion, causing damage to the vocal cord and throats. Sean Schemmel, the magical voice behind Goku in an interview, revealed that he had often turned unconscious because of exertion. 

#4 Vegeta Was Initially Introduced As One-Off Character 

For the Dragon Ball Z fans, the anime without Vegeta is something unimaginable. However, initially, Vegeta was one of the disposable villains introduced in the plot. But, with the immense popularity of the character and the response of the fans, the creators turned him into one of the most loveable heroes of the anime. 

#5 Goku Has Killed Only Two Villains Throughout The Series

It’s pretty surprising to hear that the fan-favorite lead of the show has only killed two villains throughout the series. But it’s true. The first foe he killed was Yakon, one of the minions of Babidi. Goku killed him by overloading light energy. While the second opponent is Kid Buu. After an intense fight, Goku finally diminished him with his spirit bomb attack. 

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