Top 5 Things Dragon Ball GT Adopted From The Movies

Dragon Ball GT is one of the most popular entries in the Dragon Ball franchise. It has a huge follower base due to a bag full of reasons, including the Shadow Dragon’s concept and extraordinary Super Saiyan 4 transformation. 

But, if you have watched the Dragon Ball Z anime and the respective films, you may have spotted some similarities. So, today we will find out the top 5 things Dragon Ball GT has borrowed from the movies. 

#1 Movie: Goku and Vegeta Fused to Gogeta

Gogeta was one of the most attractive elements of Dragon Ball GT picked from Wrath of Dragon. Gogeta became a fan-favorite character with his win over Janemba using his “Soul Punisher or Stardust Breaker” move. Although Gogeta had a different appearance in the Dragon Ball GT Shadow Dragon arc, the fans related it with the Wrath of Dragon. 

#2 Movie: Appearance of Cooler Among the Resurrected Villains in Super 17 Saga

The Dragon Ball GT omitted most of the deadly villains from the Dragon Ball Z. Although the series brought back past villains in its Super 17 Saga, most of the prominent foes were missing. However, in GT, Cooler made a special appearance while the fighters from Hell were transported through Doctor Myuu and Gero’s portal. 

#3 Enemies from Hell Returned In Dragon Ball GT, Similar As Fusion Reborn

Dragon Ball GT squeezed out a lot of ideas from the twelfth Dragon Ball Z film – Fusion Reborn. A huge example is the reusing of the subplot, in which a deadly squad of killed-off villains assembles to attack Earth. Although in the Dragon Ball Z movie all the resurrected villains appeared coordinated under the leadership of Freiza, in Dragon Ball GT, the squad of villains appeared less orderly. However, the basic idea is copied from the film. 

#4 Movie: Dragon Fist Technique of Goku from Wrath of the Dragon

In Wrath of Dragon, Goku defeated the gigantic Hirudegarn with his new technique: the Dragon Fist. He cast the new move of unleashing a golden dragon from his fist. In Dragon Ball GT, Goku used the attack to defeat Eis Shenron and Super 17. 

#5 Movies: Goku’s Used The Sun To Kill Baby and Cooler 

Although all the Dragon Ball heroes are known for defeating the players with energy blasts, in Dragon Ball Z Movie 5, Goku introduced a new attack that pushed cooler to the Earth’s sun. Dragon Ball GT also adopted this technique of Goku, when he smashes Baby and his ship to the sun. 

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