Top 5 Weirdest Transformations In Dragon Ball Saga

When it comes to anime transformation, the first name that hit our mind is Dragon Ball. The franchise is loaded with a bunch of quality transformations that make it more entertaining for the audience. However, not every transformation is epic, some are weird too. 

So, today we bring you the top 3 weirdest transformations in Dragon Ball Saga – 

#1 Berserker Super Saiyan 

While the audience is obsessed with the green transformation of Broly, we must also bring Kale, the Universe 6 Super Saiyan to the limelight. When Kale first transformed into Super Saiyan, she turned into a complete monster. Instead of having the classic golden hairs, Kale acquitted green-tinted hairs like Broly, which appeared a bit weirder with her character. 

#2 Super Saiyan 4 

GT is one of the most underrated chapters in Dragon Ball. Although the series garnered low popularity, there are some weird forms like Super Saiyan 4. To some viewers, it actually seemed to be cool, but for most the ape-like setup is a bit weird. 

#3 Baby Vegeta 

Most Dragon Ball fans hate GT. As Akira Toriyama has no hands in the series, it violates the characters and the story. With some dumb and weird characters is really sucks. The origin of Baby is original saga is pretty interesting and engaging for the fans. However, in GT, Baby Vegeta is definitely one of the weirdest creatures. 

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