7 Best Transformations Of Goku In Dragon Ball That Won Fan’s Hearts!!

Transformations and power-ups are the souls of the Dragon Ball saga. Akira Toriyama, the show creators, has beautifully designed some of the epic transformations to amaze the audience. Through Goku, the lead character of the Dragon Ball saga, the creator has introduced the concept of Super Saiyan and the different forms surrounding it. 

Along with training hard to touch a sky of new strength, Goku has attained various transformations with shocked the fans. The Super Saiyan unlocked new mind-boggling forms with godly powers. 

So, we can easily conclude that what makes Goku special is his epic transformation. Here are the top 7 transformations of Goku in the Dragon Ball Saga – 

#1 Super Saiyan 

This is the first or the base form of every Super Saiyan. 

#2 Super Saiyan 2 

In this form, the Saiyans level up their skills and powers from the Super Saiyan 1 form. 

#3 Super Saiyan 3 

With golden hairs and missing eyebrows, this is one of the most powerful Super Saiyan forms of Goku. 

#4 Saiyan Beyond God 

In this form, Goku unleashes new heights of power and godly potentials. 

#5 Ultra Instinct

The calmness of Goku pushed him to attain this extraordinary form under Whis’s training. 

#6 Super Saiyan Blue 

Super Saiyan Blue is one of the coolest forms of Goku in the Dragon Ball saga. The cool look combined with insane energy makes Goku a fan favorite. 

#7 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken 

Surrounding in a red aura with attaining Super Saiyan Blue transformation, Goku unveils incredible strength and new attacks in this form.  

Source – cbr.com

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