Dragon Ball: Top 5 Transformations With The Biggest Drawbacks (Ranked)!!

We all know that all the Dragon Ball Super Saiyan forms have huge potentials and several powers. But as a coin has two sides, similarly the forms have some drawbacks too. 

So, in this article, we will see the top 5 Transformations in Dragon Ball with the biggest drawbacks – 

#1 The Potara Earring Fusion Is Supposed To Be Permanent Fusion 

Dragon Ball franchise highly endorses the concept of fusion to unlock new powers. The show has introduced several transformation methods, while the Potara Earring method appears to be a fan favorite. But unlike the fusion dance, the union with Potara earrings seems to be permanent, which turns out to be a major drawback of the series. But, we have already witnessed an exception with the fusion break of Vegito. 

#2 The Black Water Mist Creates Lazy Vampire 

The Balck Water Mist victims are supremely powerful, but they are more in a feral sense. Once affected, the victim behaves like vampires, biting opponents. In the long run, it has turned out to be a convoluted transformation, especially from when the Demon Clan former members like Piccolo started resisting it. 

#3 Zarbon’s Second Form Turns The Fighter Ugly 

Zarbon appeared as one of the classy fighters with a clean look in Dragon Ball Z. However when he transformed into his second form, he turns into a beast. Although his power moves to the sky, he turns into a monster and loses agility. 

#4 Ultra Super Saiyan Is A Bulky Insult To The Super Saiyan Transformation

In the deadly fight against Cell, Future Trunks reveals a new stage of Super Saiyan between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. Although the form is more robust and powerful than Super Saiyan 1, excess bulky muscles made it slow and cut off its effectiveness. 

#5 Kaio-Ken Damage The User Body More Than The Foes 

It’s pretty evident that Kaio-Ken is one of the most powerful forms of Goku. However, if pushed too far it can cripple the user’s body. Therefore, Kaio-Ken is more like a temporary solution, but it’s not a reliable tool for battle. 

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