What Makes Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon So… Unique?

Dragon Ball introduces tons of special attacks on the most prominent characters like Goku and Vegeta. However, Piccolo’s Special Cannon Beam is one of the most underrated attacks which possess incredible damage. But what makes the attack so special? Let’s take a close look. 

With Goku evolving and learning learn techniques, the Dragon Ball series has included a wide array of special attacks. Goku’s Kamehameha is one of the most prominent attacks in the franchise. However, the special cannon beam of the Namekian warrior, Piccolo is equally devastating. In Dragon Ball Z, in a face-off against Raditz, Piccolo revealed his special attack, Cannon beam. 

Although Dragon Ball has introduced tons of new moves and powers, the special cannon beam remains one of the most devastating moves of Piccolo. 

While Raditz was far more powerful than Goku and Piccolo when he stepped into the earth at the beginning of DBZ, Piccolo’s Special cannon beam appeared to be extremely damaging and possess the potential to kill the fully charged form of Raditz. It nearly demolishes Raditz. But, the villain mange to dodge it at the last second. While he got a severe shoulder injury. 

The special beam is super effective as Piccolo releases it in a fully charged form. And as we know, charged attacks are highly damaging and possess the potential to kill villains. Therefore, Piccolo’s special is one of the most effective and unique attacks in Dragon Ball history. 

Source – cbr.com

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