5 Crucial Elements That Were Lost At The End Of The Dragon Ball Series!!

There’s no doubt that Dragon Ball is and will be one of the greatest anime shows in history. It’s super popular among anime lovers for its rich storyline and characters. However, the show still misses out on some elements by the climax of the series. 

Although Dragon Ball is one the fundamental series that exposed the trend of anime, it kept some principles sideways. So, in this article, we bring you the top 3 important elements the Dragon Ball series lost by its end. 

#1 Launch Mastering Personality Transformation

Dragon Ball series is loaded with the most entertaining elements and characters, with strange abilities. Launch is one of the human characters of the show, who goes through a Hyde/Jekyll personality transformation with every sneeze. An arc was introduced featuring her mastering the personality transformation. However, later Toriyama overshadowed her with other characters. 

#2 Demon King Piccolo’s Enslavement of Earth 

Demon King Piccolo was no doubt one of the most deadly villains in the original Dragon Ball series. King Piccolo may not be triumphant. However, he left an offspring to destroy Goku and the planet. Initially, Piccolo walked on the roads defined by his father. But, later he turned out to be an ally for Goku. 

#3 Goku’s Great Ape Transformation

The original Dragon Ball series never defined Goku as a member of the Saiyan race or his special heritages like the Great Ape Transformation. Other characters like Vegeta portrayed that their Ape form can be controlled and maximized. However, Goku’s form seemed out of control. So, the transformations were slowly excluded from the series. 

#4 Goku’s Connection To His Grandpa 

Goku’s adoptive Grandpa, Gohan was one of the most important characters in the original Dragon Ball as he was the one who sheltered the Super Saiyan. However, gradually the show dropped the connection between Goku and his Grandpa. 

#5 Power Development of Yamcha 

Martial artists have always been an important part of Dragon Ball. Yamcha is one of the initial martial artists on Goku and Bulma’s journey. Initially, Yamcha was introduced as a deadly fighter who learns new techniques and improves regularly. However, later Krillin replaced him, and his powers were stagnated by the climax of the series. 

Source – cbr.com

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