Top 5 Cosplays Of Dragon Ball That Look Exactly Like Characters!!

With the increase in popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, more and more fans are getting obsessed with the merchandise, and toys. But have you ever wondered how your favourite Dragon Ball characters will look, if they manage to step out of the screens? Well let’s take a look at the top 5 Dragon Ball Cosplays that exactly resemble the characters. 

#1 Fabibi – Videl 

Fabibi is one of the magical creations of the South American nation, Chile. She is an extremely talented model who carries out the perfect look in this amazing cosplay of Videl. The sexy looks of Fabibi tempts the fans and there are more stunning pictures available on Internet. 

#2 Virchan Puu – Bulma 

Virchan Puu is one of the most popular cosplayers. She carries out the stunning look of Bulma and her adventurous characters finds a new meaning through Virchan Puu’s incredible cosplay.

#3 Amouranth – Android 18 


When it comes to gaming, Amouranth pops out to be a prominent face. Her games on Twitch and cosplays are pretty famous. If delivering fantastic cosplays to the audience is an art, Amouranth is the Picasso of it. 

#4 Kayla Erin – Super Saiyan Goku 

Kayla Erin presents a bunch of Dragon Ball outfits to attract the fans. Her cosplay portfolio is loaded with sensational characters like Halloween costumes and much more. This Super Saiyan look of Kayla Erin resembles Goku’s incredible look.

#5 Project Alice -Vegeta 

Project Alice has grabbed the limelight with her character. She defines the angry young look of Vegeta with a sexy and seductive look.

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