Dragon Ball: Top 3 Characters Who Don’t Actually Fight

Dragon Ball series is one of the most loved anime presently. The series is known for its heroic plots, legendary transformations, and epic fighters. However, there are several characters who don’t actually contribute to the fights but play the roles of connecting pieces in the storyline. 

Dragon Ball franchise is the longest-running anime in history. The love the series garnered from the audience is something insane. With Goku and Vegeta leading the show with their legendary transformations and royal battles, there are many characters who play supporting roles and do not really contribute to fights. 

So, here are the top 3 characters who did not actually fight –

#1 The Eternal Dragon Shenron

Shenron is one of the most crucial characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the main face behind granting all the wishes of the Z Fighters. While Shenron has granted most of the wishes of the Z-fighters, he has been a turning point in different battles. 

#2 All- Mighty Whis 

Being an angel, Whis is unable to dip his hands into any fight. Although Whis is extremely powerful and he trains the God Of Destruction, Whis never actually participated in any battle. 

#3 The Guardian Of Earth, Dende/Kami 

Namekians are the most important characters in Dragon Ball. Both Dende and Kami served as the Guardians of the Earth. Their primary job is to create and protect the Dragon Balls. So, both of them did not actually indulge in any battle. 

Source – cbr.com

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