15 Gender-Swapped Versions Of DBZ Characters That Actually Look Really Awesome

Every anime fan loves to watch the thrilling characters of the Dragon Ball series. Creator Akira Toriya has developed a wide array of popular characters, which makes the franchise one of the most popular of all time. 

But have you ever imagined how will the sensational Dragon Ball characters will look if their genders are swapped. 

Although some of the characters will look disgusting and creepy, many of the characters will actually look good. 

So, today we we see how some of the characters of Dragon Ball series will look, when their genders are swapped – 

#1 Goku

#2 Vegeta 

#3 Goku Black

#4 Broly 

#5 Android 18 

#6 Majin Buu

#7 Bardock

#8 Zamasu 

#9 Whis 

#10 Future Trunks

#11 Frieza 

#12 Krillin

#13 Android 17 

#14 Yamcha

#15 Bulma & Chi-Chi

Source – cbr.com

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